Saturday, February 16, 2013


Surfing the net today, I came across to this young five-piece hard rockers from Sweden! Bulletrain really 'moved me' with its melodic hard rock stuff in the vain of the 80's, early 90's, Sunset Strip era sound!! Their sound, as I said, has its roots to bands such as Motley Crue , Firehouse, Guns N Roses but, also, to some newbies like Crashdiet and Crazy Lixx.

Read some things that Sleazeroxx.coms BC Beneke wrote 'bout these youngsters : "The new Bulletrain EP Turn It Up! sent me back to the 80's in the best of ways. These Swedish rockers are not trying to reinvent heavy metal, they are playing it forward. Pounding drums, solid hooks, impressive guitar solos, and all the things we loved about the 80's right down to the 'gang style' chorus. "

Bulletrain released an EP in 2009 that included four tracks. I searched desperately to find Bulletrain's debut EP but, unfortunately, didn't find anything except some digital downloads from Amazon and iTunes that worked fine in my case!!! After some couple of listenings of the band's songs, I got excited!! "Take Me To The Sun" , which is the band's probably the newest song or some kinda of unreleased track , has a totally 80's vibe in it with a 'clever' chorus line and plenty of attitude! Really amazing track that shows the abilities of this band to write a catchy song! "Even With My Eyes Closed" starts with an awesome melodic guitar line, which reminds me a bit of Warrant's classic "Sometimes She Cries" tune, and continues to a big mid-tempo rocker with a killer chorus line! Excellent!! "My Way" is a rockier tune and a song that Crazy Lixx would like to include in any of their previous releases. "Turn It Up" is a more speedy hard rocker while "Fly Away" is another very good melodic hard rock tune filled with nice arrangements and passionate performances.

Overall, I'm impressed by these guys! They have it all to became the next big thing! I'm pretty sure that in the near future we are going to hear some really big things about BULLETRAIN!!!! Congratulations!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 9/10

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