Sunday, April 1, 2012


This is surely one of the most anticipated albums for this year. Unisonic is a kinda of supergroup considering that this band consists of Michael Kiske on lead vocals, Kai Hansen on guitars, the 'mighty' Dennis Ward on bass, Mandy Meyer on guitars and Kostas Zafiriou on drums. All five musicians have shown their music skills with their bands/projects through the years.

So, nowadays, and after a small taste of their EP, "Ignition", the band is here with "Unisonic". This is an excellent piece of Euro melodic metal stuff with some more hard rockin' elements and the final result will please every single fan of Pink Cream 69, commercial Helloween but also some of the Place Vendome fans. The fact is that I would prefer some heavier tracks here and not so many mid-tempos but let's not complain. The album is perfectly balanced with 'clever' songwriting (catchy choruses-hooks), a tight musicianship and excellent performances from the legendary Michael Kiske! The opening track "Unisonic" is a great starter with its heavy-anthemic rhythm. "Star Rider" is a brilliant tune and one of my favorite from this album. "Never Too Late" has a catchy-as-hell chorus line while "Never Change Me" is a great example of modern melodic hard rock sound with again a clever chorus and very good arrangements.

All in all, this is a solid debut. It has some excellent moments in it and a tight musicianship that reflects to the band's sound. The production is superb and it's a very enjoyable album from start to finish.
HeavyParadise's Rating : 7,5/10

Track list :  01 - Unisonic02 - Souls Alive03 - Never Too Late04 - I've Tried05 - Star Rider06 - Never Change Me07 - Renegade08 - My Sanctuary09 - King For A Day10 - We Rise11 - No One Ever Sees Me


  1. Should I try this opus, dear Vassilis ? :o
    I'm still hesitating ... In fact, I've bought no releases from 2012, at this moment ... More and more afraid ! :'(

    1. Yes Axl ....go for it!!! If you are a fan of Kiske's work and PC69 then you should go for it!!! :-) But firstly check the samples on YouTube!!!!

    2. I've listened samples on Youtube. You're right, it's Melodic Hard/Heavy-Rock/Metal music. All those elements are perfectly mixed, a good melting pot ! I've expected Speed-Metal, but that's not finally the case. It's better, in my opinion ! :) Excellent stuff ! I'll buy the opus !
      Thanks for tips ! ;)