Monday, January 2, 2012

LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM / NINE LIVES (Japan Edition, 2012)

I'm a big fan of this band. Last Autumn's Dream is one of the best melodic hard rock band's in the last decade and they have released some really stunning albums. "Nine Lives" is their brand new effort and it has just been released in Japan. The European release is planned for this month. Following their last superb album, "Yes", these Swedes are back with another high-quallity melodic hard rock stuff and they have set the base to be high in this year's Top lists in every melodic webzine around the world!

The band consists of  Mikael Erlandsson on lead vocals and keyboards, Andy Malecek on guitars, Jamie Borger on drums and Nalle Pahlsson on bass. The album starts with "In A Perfect World". This is a 'classic' LAD rocker with a huge melody and a catchy as hell chorus line! "Nine Lives" has an inspired riff, a very good harmony and Mikael Erlandsson passionate performances. The chorus is once again memorable. "Is This Just Another Heartache" features some more 'modern' AOR elements and it's the album's, so far, most commercial tune! In "Merry-Go-Round" we have a catchy rocker while "Golden Cage" is the highlight here! An awesome melodic hard rocker with an amazing melody that sticks in your mind from the start and makes you wanna whistle it for days! Perfect! "All I Can Think Of" is another commercial track with a nice rhythm. "Megalomania" and "The Last To Know" are both superb melodic pieces with catchy chorus lines and solid guitar work. "Angel Eyes" is heavier and features Andy Malecek's superb guitar skills! "We Never Said Goodbye" is a mid-tempo 'romantic' rocker with a relaxing melody. "Waited A Long Time" is a Japan bonus cut. A nice track! The last track, "Don't Let Love Fade Away", is a huge ballad! A very emotional track and Mikael Erlandsson really shines on here. Amazing performance!

Overall, this is the perfect appetizer for 2012! A well-crafted melodic album full of great songs and emotions. The guitar parts are solid, the vocal performances by a such a great vocalist are awesome and the rhythm section is solid too. If you are a fan of this band you are going to buy this gem. If you are a fan of this gerne go out and check this rocks!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
01 - In A Perfect World
02 - Nine Lives
03 - Is This Just Another Heartache
04 - Merry-Go-Round
05 - Golden Cage
06 - All I Can Think Of
07 - Megalomania
08 - The Last To Know
09 - Angel Eyes
10 - We Never Said Goodbye
11 - Waited A Long Time (Japan bonus track)
12 - Don't Let Love Fade Away


  1. I think I've to discover this band. I've listened this afternoon some songs in Youtube. It sounds catchy, melodic, ... What's the best opus to start, dear friend ? I'm used to start by the beginning, but may be have you a best idea ? :)

  2. Every single release from LAD is a must have. You have to start from the band's debut album. In the debut you can find also some members from EUROPE.

  3. I am a big music fan of all types of music particularly hard-rock/metal and unfortunately I have to say that these guys are light at best. They are melodic but rather popish in the songs with not a lot of rock-in going on. Their sound is ok but again, for anyone wanting to give them a listen, I want to let you know what to expect.