Sunday, March 17, 2024

REVIEW : LIPZ, Changing The Melody (Frontiers Music s.r.l. Release: 15 March 2024)

LIPZ is a band that its image refers to bands such as KISS, Motley Crue and early Alice Cooper just to name a few! But what about their music? LIPZ' music is loud, melodic as it gets with big and in-your-face choruses and tons of attitude!
LIPZ's musical journey began with the release of their debut single, "Ghost Town," in September 2012, followed by the EP "Psycho" three years later. 2023 was the year that LIPZ joined forces with the Italian label Frontiers Records, marking a pivotal moment in their musical odyssey. 

The new opus kicks-off with the amazing, in-your-face and very Crue-esque tune of "I'm Going Under"!! A really killer and up-beat tune that must be played on a maximum volume! An great apetizzer of what's coming next!! "Changing The Melody" is yet another winner out of the new record; more Scandi sleaze hard rock here in the vain of Crashdiet's musc with a catchy as hell hook and chorus. "Bang Bang" is a monstrous track! It includes a big bad-ass groove and when it comes to the hook and chorus it explodes into a huge melodic hard rock beast!! Excellent!! 

The funkier "Stop Talk About..." is really cool while "Bye Bye Beautiful" and "I'm Alive" are two more highlights out of this amazing opus!! Both tracks include big harmonies, energy, edgy guitars and attitude enough to tear your house down! With "Freak" LIPZ, they are delivering a great power ballad in an 80's classic style. "I Would Die For You" is yet another power ballad with, again, an explosive chorus!!! One of the band's highlights, no doubt 'bout that!! "Monsterz", that closes this impressive record, is a big, up-lifting and modern hard rock anthem with a sing-a-long chorus! 

LIPZ with "Changing The Melody" come to make some noise with their loud, ultra catchy, melodic and 80's influenced music!!! Please do a a favor to yourself and check this surprisingly good record won't regret it! One of the best albums so far in 2024!!!

RATING : 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆  (9 / 10 ) 

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