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REVIEW : CRUZH, The Jungle Revolution (Frontiers Music s.r.l. Release: 22 March 2024)

I really like this band and, to be hones,t I'm always curious whenever CRUZH releases a new album. My conection with Cruzh started back in 2013 when I interviewed the band's bass player (read the interview here ). That time the band's name was CRUSH, they released a brilliant tune (In A Blink Of An Eye) and kept their anonymosity very well from fans and music press.

Time flies and almost eleven years later CRUZH is still here alive and kickin' to present us their brand new opus entitled "The Jungle Revolution" through Frontiers Music (March 22th). 

"We're super excited to release the album” – Butabi (bass, background vocals) adds – “because it's by far our most honest release so far. We've gone full circle and landed in the jungle where we came from. Enjoy the squealing guitars and massive sing-along choruses until we meet on a live show near you.”

"The Jungle Revolution" kicks-off the new opus with a late 80's vibe, a great chorus and some heavier guitar sound regarding the band's previous efforts. "Angel Dust" is edgy, up-beat and with a more 'ballsy' attitude in it that is among my favourites out of "The Jungle Revolution". "FL89" is the first single out of the new record and boy what a track we have here; very 80's with a feel-good vibe and hands in the air in this radio-friendly song. "SkullCruzher" has a 'hair metal' pinch in it while in "Split Personality" the band delivers one more heavier and fast-paced track which is pretty solid! "From Above" is an overall good ballad while in "Gimme Anarchy" we have yet another ass-kickin hard rock track with attitude! 

I really enjoyed the new CRUZH album a lot!! It has power, attitude, tons of melodies, heavier guitars and some choruses enough to sing-a-long for days! I have the feeling that the boys here took a harder edge with the "Jungle Revolution" and the final result is really great!!! 

RATING : 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 (8 / 10)

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