Sunday, February 25, 2024

REVIEW : Arkado – Open Sea, (Pride & Joy Music, Release: 23.02.2024)

To be honest, I was very curious about this release; firstly, it is the amazing cover artwork by Nello Dell’Omo (Mecca, Jim Peterik, Silent Tiger, Stan Bush etc) and secondly the participation of Philip Lindstrand on vocals and guitar were two things that grabbed my attention. Also, the fact that ARKADO is hailing from Sweden and in the press release wrote melodic rock is always a good sign of what's to expect. 

So, "Open Sea" is entitled the band's second effort that is out through Pride And Joy MusicMikael Svensson is responsible for the production, mixing and recording of this amazing opus and the mastering is handled by Thomas Plec Johansson at Panic Room in Gothenburg, Sweden.

After the atmospheric and so intense intro of "Voyage" the journey starts with the opening "Open Sea". A truly magnificent track that grabs all the mid 80's AOR/Melodic Rock vibe with a more up-to-dated sound and the result is simply breathtaking!! In "I Gave My Heart" we have a classic and classy Scandi edgy melodic rock gem filled with big melodies, tons of harmonic lines and some 'crispy' guitars for an extra flavour! 

Another highlight out of the new opus is without any doubt the ultra melodic and radio-friendly track of "You Make Me Feel"!! The guitar work here by the dynamic guitar duo of Patrik SvΓ€rd and Tony Rothla is once again phenomenal! The extravaganza and more technical "Her Mothers Lullaby" gives more variety here while in "Unchain The Night" we are dealing with a typical and really huge 80's track in the vain of bands such as early EUROPE and TREAT! Excellent stuff! One of my personal favorite songs out of the new record is the straight-forward and edgy "Like Something Heaven Sent" in which Philip's passionate vocals shining through! 

For sure one of this year's so far biggest surprises! Melody and class in all its glory with well-crafted, well-performed songs and excellent performances. It's a fantastic and ultra melodic journey through ARKADO world! All on board! 

RATING : πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†  (9 / 10 )

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