Sunday, January 8, 2023

REVIEW : BIG CITY, Sunwind Sails (Frontiers Music s.r.l. Release: 20 January 2023)

BIG CITY is a Norwegian melodic hard rock/metal band and nowadays it presents us its brand new opus entitled "Sunwind Sails". The new record is going to see the light of day this January (20th) through Frontiers Music.

Having already released three albums so far, BIG CITY is a hard working band trying to promote itself among the so competitve scene of hard rock and metal community. The debut, "Wintersleep", released back in 2014 and the band's second step entiled "Big City Life" released 4 years later. A new record deal with Frontiers Music saw the release of a new record in 2021 with the title "Testify X". 

"Sunwind Sails" is an overall solid new album that includes a strong rhtyhm section, some powerful performances and a bunch of great up-beat and hard hitting tracks. The opener "I'm Somebody" kicks-off thing here in a more metallic vibe while "Sons Of Desire", "Human Mind" and "Diamond In The Rough" are all three solid melodic hard n' metal tunes that showing the ability of BIG CITY to write powerful songs full of edgy riffs, good arrangements and plenty of melodies. 

Other highlights out of the new effort are the "speedy" metallic "After The Raid", "Sunwind Sails" and the melodic "Sparks Of Eternity". 

All in all, BIG CITY with their brand new "Sunwind Sails" comes to deliver an overall very good melodic metal/hard rock album that sounds 'fresh' and extremely interesting from start to finish! 

Songwritting : 7
Production : 7
Songs : 7
Musicianship : 7

Overall Rating : 7 / 10 

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