Sunday, December 8, 2019

REVIEW : Adellaide, New Horizons (Lions Pride Music, 2019)

I will start my review by saying that I really enjoyed a lot ADELLAIDE's "Flying High" opus. That was the band's debut, after an EP back in 2016, and it was a solid start for this Brazilian band. For those who aren't familiar with Adellaide's sound, allow me to say that they mix perfectly the classic melodic rock/edgy AOR sound of the late 80's with a more modern and updated sound that recalls bands such as H.E.A.T., Care Of Night and Wild Rose to name a few.

The new album kicks-off with the modern and edgy melodic rock tune of "Robotic". A keyboard-driven, anthemic and with a killer chorus line this one is among my personal favorites here. "Times Hotel" sounds like H.E.A.T.'s first couple of records while in "Nightfalls" we have yet another solid track. 

Next, in "Tonight (Once In A Lifetime)" we are dealing with the album's first ballad. A very emotional and beautiful song that shows the abilities of this band to write beautiful ballads. "Ring Of Saturn" and "Smile" are both AOR-tastic and the sure thing is that will make the melodic rock community very happy. The best track of the new album comes with the edgier and powerful "It's A Matter Of Time". I just love this one; punchy melodic rock with attitude and, of course, with a killer chorus line. I, also, liked the more commercial tune of "Together Again" with its more up-tempo hook. 

I think that Adellaide with this new opus delivers another yet high class melodic rock/AOR album full of beautiful melodies, memorable hooks and choruses and great tracks. For those who love bands such as H.E.A.T. and Care Of Night, this is a must add to their collection. 

Rating : 9/10

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