Sunday, December 30, 2018

REVIEW : TOBY HITCHCOCK ---- Reckoning (Frontiers Music s.r.l., RELEASE DATE : 25 January 2019)

Toby Hitchcock is an American singer that made a name with the melodic rock act of Pride Of Lions (with the legendary Jim Peterik of Survivor). Hitchcock’s voice has the depth, the feeling and the extension of each of them, still keeping his own identity and trademark and makes him an absolute star in the current Melodic Rock scene.

Back in 2011, Toby released his debut record, through Frontiers Music, "Mercury's Down". For that debut, Hitchcock collaborated with the very talented Swedish producer Daniel Flores and he released a monster melodic hard rock opus that is still considered as classic. In "Mercury's Down", Toby had, also, by his side musicians such as Erik Martensson (Eclipse), Magnus Henriksson and Magnus Ulfstedt (Age Sten Nilsen's Ammunition, Grand Design and Eclipse). 

Nowadays, Toby is back in business with his second step which is entitled "Reckoning" that is gonna be released through Frontiers Music on January 25th.  The ones, of course, that followed Toby all those years are positive that "Reckoning" is going to be another gem of an album. The musicians that surround Toby in this new record are Michael Palace, Daniel Flores and Yngve "Vinnie" Strömberg

The new opus kicks-off with the amazing and up-tempo anthem of "No Surrender". A track that sounds like it jumped out from Hitchcock's debut. His vocals are solid, powerful and in one word breathtaking while the melodies here are out of this world. For sure, a huge opener and a great appetizer of what's to follow next. "Promise Me" is a nice and extremely melodic rock track while in "Show Me How To Live" we have the first ballad of the new album. For sure, a nice and very emotional tune that includes some sensational harmonies and excellent arrangements. More hard rockin' vibe in "Behind The Lies", "Fighting For My Life" and "Serenity" (which is just killer!!!) to continue with the absolute sensational "Gift Of Flight" which is among my favorites. A true AOR gem that features some killer guitar lines by Michael Palace and, of course, the superb vocal lines of Toby Hitchcock in front row!! The ultra-catchy and very commercial "Don't Leave" is yet another highlight while in "This Is Our World" reminds a bit of Toby's works with Pride Of Lions.  

Toby Hitchcock is back with album number two and for once again it is a killer one! No filler just killer edgy melodic rock/AOR stuff with quality. Top class songs, amazing guitar lines by Michael Palace and a solid production are the ingredients of this breathtaking opus. For the fans of Pride Of Lions, Survivor, Palace, Find Me and of course, for those who loved Toby's debut, this is a MUST have!!!

Rating : 9,5/10 

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