Tuesday, January 1, 2019

REVIEW : Slug Comparison --- When You Were Living Here (Release Date : January 16, 2019)

Slug Comparison is the solo project of Fen vocalist/guitarist Doug Harrison. Back in 2014, Harrison released his debut opus and in 2010 with FEN he released the album "Trails Out Of Gloom". That opus with FEN gained positive feedback from both fans and music press. A solid progressive record that moved towards the sound of OPETH and Anathema

In 2017, Harrison started recording and releasing EP’s. After four of them—IIa, b, c and d— the label of Rock Company got in touch and convinced him to bundle these EP’s, plus a few extra tunes and release them as the successor to his solo debut. 

So here we are now with the release of SLUNG COMPARISON's opus with the title "When You Were Living Here" ( The title track and “beings far away” are dedicated to the memory of Eric Rose—Harrison’s former roommate, friend, and creative accomplice).

After a couple of spins of this new album, I have to say that is a quite interesting ride all the way through Doug Harrison's music world. It includes some excellent melodies, solid arrangements, deep and with meaning lyrics and very good performances. The whole sound is movin' from electric to acoustic prog rock, sometimes up-tempo and sometimes with a 'darker' vibe, but, most of all, is good music. I think that the fans of progressive rock, in general, will find in "When You Were Living Here" a very interesting and beautiful opus. 

Rating : 8/10 

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