Saturday, December 22, 2018


The story of this Greek metal band of FALLEN LIVES starts back in 2010, in Thessaloniki, that they started to perform live in many local gigs. Soon enough the band achieved to build a strong reputation around its name not only for the music but, also, for the powerful live performances. 

In 2012, Fallen Lives released its debut opus with the title "Fallen Leaves" and gained positive feedback from the fans. The unique layout created by Seth Siro anthon, well-known not only for his presence with his band Septic Flesh but, also, for his layouts with great bands such as Paradise Lost,Calliban etc…

As for many bands, the same with Fallen Lives the years that followed saw many line-up changes and that was a step forward for the bands plans to create music. Nowadays the band returns with a brand new record which is entitled "Architect Of Grief".  The layout is again created by Mr Seth Siro Anthon and the sound engineer is Mr Dimitris Douvras, well-known for his works with Rotting Christ, and many other local and international bands.

"Architect Of Grief" is a concept album. It's inspired by the myth of Sisyphus and speaks about optimism, not giving up and to achieving our goals. The sound can be described as modern metal with big groove and with strong 'pinches' from bands such as PANTERA, IN FLAMES, METALLICA, KORN and in some parts STONE SOUR. The vocals are 'clean' here (some aggressive/growl really doesn't bother me at all), the guitars are heavy and feature some excellent melodic parts and the rhythm section is tight. The production is solid and bottom line is that "Architect Of Grief" is a strong opus that the fans of this particular sound will find extremely attractive!  

Rating : 8/10

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