Friday, January 6, 2012


This is a very interesting band! "TWISTED. TIED UP. TANGLED" is the band's debut album and it's a fine example of pure modern rock sound with soaring vocal performances, great guitar licks and a tight musicianship. This Nashville fivesome consists of singer Erin Mullins, Jordan Cullen (drums), Andrew "Gibby" Williams (bass), Ryan Harrison Nanney (rhythm guitar) and Rachel Brandsness (lead guitar).

One of the strongest points of Fools For Rowan is their lead singer! Yes, Erin Mullins has a very strong and powerfull voice and in some parts reminds me of Pat Benatar and Blondie. The album starts off with the rockin' tune of "Burnt Around The Edges". Nice rhythm and great riffing in this little gem! "Take Me Down" has a 'darker' and modern sound with a memorable chorus line! "Dead" is a brilliant mid-tempo/ballad kinda track filled with Mullins' emotional vocals. Up-tempo rhythms again with the next song "Tangled" while in "Light Me Up" we see the more 'alternative' side of the band. "No" is another 'darker' tune and "I Don't Have The Strenght" is a nice pop-rock track but nothin really breathtakin'. The rest of the album flows enjoyable with the last song "Living Dangerously" which steals the impressions with its power and attitude!

All in all, this is a very good album with some excellent tunes! As I said above, I'm really impressed by Erin Mullin's vocal abilities which are givin' to the final result the extra something and the promise to rocket this band to a higher level!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 7,5/10

Track List : Burnt Around the Edges, Take Me Down, Dead, Tangled, Light Me Up, No , I Don’t Have the Strength, It’s Alright, Isn’t It Enough, Living Dangerously

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