Sunday, August 20, 2023

REVIEW : DARK SKY, Signs Of The Time (Metalapolis Records, Release: 4 August 2023)

Melodic hard 'n' metal band of DARK SKY made its appearrence in the scene for the first time in the mid 90's with its debut opus entitled "Believe It". The album had a big success in Asia!!! 

In 2002, the band released the second effort with the title ‘Edge Of Time’, which brought them on the map in their home country as well. The next three records that followed ‘Living & Dying’, ‘Empty Faces’ and ‘Initium’, showed the band's heavier side without losing their trademark melodies. 

Nowadays, it's time for DARK SKY's brand new album entitled "Signs Of The Time". The new opus is going to be released through Metalapolis Records. ‘Signs Of The time’ again was produced by the bands long-time producer and friend Markus Teske (Symphony X, Vanden Plas).

"Heroes On Ice" is really cool track; a killer track with a big chorus line included and for sure a great appetizer of what's coming-up next! "You & Me" is moving to some more melodic power metal paths with again a stellar guitar work while in "Fools" we have yet another heavy track with a strong chorus line. One my personal favorite tracks out of the new opus is the modern, heavy and very melodic tune of "Wonderland"!! I just love the variety of styles here; pretty impressive! The more commercial and catchy "St. Tropez" (reminded me a bit of Edguy....), the fantastic power ballad of "It's Not The End" and the groovier and more hard rockin' with the explosive chorus line "In The Heat Of The Night" are all three great tracks! 

All in all Dark Sky with "Signs Of The Time" comes to deliver a great and very entertaining record all the way! Some really impressive guitar work along with powerful vocals, catchy choruses, a superb musicianship and a solid production make "Signs Of The Time" a must purchase!!!

Songwritting : 7
Production : 8
Songs : 8
Musicianship : 9

Overall Rating : 8 / 10 

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