Sunday, July 2, 2023

REVIEW : EXTREME, SIX (EAR MUSIC , Release Date : June 9, 2023)

It's been 15 years since Boston based melodic funk hard rockers EXTREME released "Saudades De Rock". Extreme is a band that never followed 'safe' paths! They had the image, the attitude of the classic hair metal band but regarding their sound they were always trying to rich it with many elements. 

Nowadays, Extreme is back in business with a new opus entitled "Six" and it's out through Ear Music for your ear pleasure. 

After the fantstic opener and in-your-face tune of "Rise" we have the dynamic and passionate "Rebel". Both songs are killers and the guitar work by Nuno is phenomenal!! One of the best tracks out of the new effort is without any doubt the 'quiter' "Other Side Of The Rainbow"! It contains a beautiful melody, some fantastic guitar lines and Gary Cherone superb vocal abilities in front row!  "The Mask" is yet another solid and groovy track that shows off the amazing vocal lines of Cherone while in "Thicker Than Blood" contains a fuzzy guitar and Gary's unique vocals that all the above creating a tremendous recording. "Beautiful Girls" is one of the album's highlights and one of the most diverse tracks here; an up-beat, cool-vibe and very 'summer' tune and for damn sure a song that you didn't expect to hear from Extreme! 

For sure the new Extreme record sounds fresh and updated, it's very very welcome and it's one of the highlights of 2023! Welcome back EXTREME! 

Songwritting : 8
Production : 8
Songs : 8
Musicianship : 8

Overall Rating : 8 / 10 

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