Sunday, March 5, 2023

REVIEW : Cold Drop – Cold Drop (Lions Pride Music, Rel. Date: 27 February 2023)

Cold Drop is a Danish melodic hard rock band that with its self-titled opus comes to deliver a really solid and old-fashioned slice of hard rocking stuff that the sure thing is it will attract many fans of the classic mid 80's, early 90's, era!

Cold Drop consists of Allan Groenbæk Pedersen on lead vocals, Kim Rikke Damsgaard Hansen (Pretty Maids, Shotz) and Thomas Moeller Hansen on guitars, John A. Bertz (Witness, Hunters) on bass and Henrik Rohde Jensen (L.A., Acacia Avenue, Blah Blah) on drums. As you can see by the music backround of the musicians that participate in Cold Drop, they are not a newbee in the music business. Their high experience and talent is plenty and that reflects on their music. 

They achieve to bond perfect the sound of the U.S. hard rock sound (Van Halen, Kiss, Whitesnake, Mr. Big e.t.c.) with the sound of the Euro melodic rock scene and the final result is pure class!!! The vocals are superb and sometimes reminds me of Kiss's lead singer. The guitars are crunchy, edgy and with plenty of tasty solos for your ear pleasure. The rhythm section solid and all the songs are well-written, well-performed with big choruses, hooks and melodies that stick in your mind at once. 

The whole album grabbed my attention since the very first spin and it's on a daily basis in my playlist. "All Night Baby" 'smells' U.S. hair metal from miles away, "Broke My Heart" is a big 80's power ballad, "That What Makes The World Go Around" features a big bad ass groove and some tasteful guitar licks while "Sweet Lucille" must be played on a maximum volume!!!  

Cold Drop is a 'blast from the past' band that with its old-fashioned self titled opus comes to bring memories from the golden era of the music that we love; an era during which bands such as Mr. Big, Van Halen, Kiss, Whitesnake and Firehouse ruled the airwaves!! 

🏆  10 / 10 

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