Saturday, July 31, 2021

REVIEW : Newman – Into The Monsters Playground (AOR Heaven, Out: 10.09.2021)

NEWMAN is a band that is synonymous with high quality melodic rock/edgy AOR. Since its creation, NEWMAN has already released 13 albums of pure melodic rock bliss. Nowadays, it's time for a new record entitled "Into The Monster's Playground". 

The new opus is going to be released through German label AOR Heaven and it's going to put a wide smile upon the face of every serious melodic rock fan out there. 

As in his previous recordings, the same here, Newman continues to deliver high quality edgy AOR stuff. Highlights out of the new album are the great and 'punchier' opener tune of "Start This Fire", the 'classic' AOR gems of "Hurricane Sky", "Icon", "Don't Come Runnin'" and "Shadows Of Love".  The highlights, of course, continue with the fantastic and smoothier "I'll Be The One" and the Def Leppard-esque "Lightning Tree" which is my personal favourite out of the new opus. 

With Steve Newman you know exactly what to except of with each and every release; high quality and soulful melodic rock stuff at its best. For the fans of the classic, NEWMAN is a must have!! For the rest of you that love edgy and passionate melodic rock/AOR music, "Into The Monster's Playgound" is high recommended record. 

Songwritting : 8
Production : 8
Songs : 9
Musicianship : 9

Overall Rating : 8,5 / 10 

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