Saturday, February 16, 2019

REVIEW : BEAST IN BLACK --- FROM HELL WITH LOVE (Nuclear Blast Records, 2019)

After the solid and already classic debut album "Berserker" back in 2017, BEAST IN BLACK strikes back with yet another thunderous album! This time with "From Hell With Love" Beast In Black set the candidate for THE album of 2019! Yes, "From Hell With Love" includes all the power, all the melodies and all the amazing performances of the debut plus a bigger and more polished sound and the result is simply breathtaking. 

Yannis Papadopoulos, the lead singer, has the vocal rangle and the vocal abilities to take this monster of an album to a higher level. The inspired huge guitar lines by Anton Kabanen are gonna make you scream for more and the rhythm section is just killer! All the songs are well-crafted, well-composed and are the ones for head-banging and the hooks and choruses are in one word delightful!! 

The first three tracks that kick-off this monster album, 'Cry Out For A Hero', 'From Hell With Love' and 'Sweet True Lies'. are simply perfect melodic metal stuff. All three feature some excellent melodies enough to make you push the repeat button again and again. The choruses are made for big arenas and the modern vibe makes all three the perfect start for a perfect album. I just love these tunes. 

One of the absolute highlight of the new record is without second thought the killer "Die By The Blade". This one grabs you at once and makes you wanna sing-a-long. The arrangements are solid, the vocal lines by Papadopoulos are powerful and heartfull and everything here 'smells' a big 'hit' for Beast In Black. This one reminds a bit of a much heavier Brother Firetribe. The ultra catchy tunes of "Ultimate Sin" and "True Believer" are both commercial and big melodic heavy rock anthems while in "Oceandeep" we are dealing with a very emotional and beautiful ballad in which Papadopoulos's vocals really shine. The digipac edition includes two bonus tracks (Killed By Death by MOTORHED and No Easy Way Out by Robert Tepper) that both are super! 

"From Hell With Love" is the brand new killer album by Beast In Black!! This is a very commercial, ultra catchy and enjoyable album from start to finish and it includes killer performances, an amazing guitar-driven sound, a thunderous rhythm section, a sweet modern vibe and only killer songs!! 

Rating : 10/10

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