Saturday, December 15, 2018

REVIEW : STARBREAKER ---- Dysphoria (Frontiers Music s.r.l., RELEASE DATE : 25 January 2019)

STARBREAKER is the melodic metal band that was put together by the multi-talented guitarist/songwriter Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Allen/Lande project, The Codex, Last Tribe, e.t.c.) and the amazing singer Tony Harnell (ex-TNT, Westworld, Morning Wood)). Together they created two monster melodic metal albums (s/t in 2005 and "Love's Dying Wish" in 2008) and nowadays they strike back with album number three with the title "Dysphoria" through Frontiers Music.

The new opus kicks-off with the fast-paced tune of "Pure Evil". A melodic metal monster song that includes Harnell's superb and unique high-pitched vocals and Karlsson's heavy to-the-bone guitar lines. I couldn't imagine a better start!! In "Wild Butterflies" the band brings back the sound of its latest album (Love's Dying Wish) in full glory. A 'darker', melodic & modern metal sound that I love to hear from these guys! Excellent stuff, just excellent! Probably one of the best tunes in this new effort. 

In "Last December", we are dealing with yet another solid track. Sharp riffs, down to earth vocals by Harnell, melody and in general every little thing here sounds perfect. "My Heart Belongs To You" is movin' to some more melodic hard rock paths (almost AOR I would dare to say...) while in "Beautiful One" we have a very beautiful and melancholic ballad. Especially the last one features the amazing skills of Magnus Karlsson in full force. Another highlight out of "Dysphoria". The self- titled song is killer! "Dysphoria" is a track that could easily appear in any of TNT's earlier releases. A melodic metal gem and of course a personal favorite. 

In "How Many More Goodbyes" Starbreaker delivers a fantastic melodic hard rock tune. This one remind me a bit The Codex or if you prefer Harnell's works with Westworld. "Fire Away" and "Bright Star Blind Me" are two more great samples of Starbreaker's music. The album closes with a huge cover tune of Judas Priest's "Starbreaker"!!! Man, I just love the work that Harnell and Magnus did here with this monster song. 

STARBREAKER is back with album number three and in my humble opinion the band's best an most mature album to date!! A melodic metal monster that is full of soaring and passionate vocals by the legendary Tony Harnell, inspired and breathtaking guitar licks by Magnus Karlsson and most of all "Dysphoria" is an album that includes only killer songs!! 

Rating :: 10 / 10 

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