Wednesday, January 16, 2013


After the very successful debut album from Wild Rose in 2011, which gained some really impressive reviews, it's time now for the band's next step with the brand new "Dangerous". Their debut album was a fine piece of melodic hard rock / AOR stuff that made some noise in the European melodic rock scene back then with its solid songwriting, catchy songs and its great performances.

So, nowadays, the band comes back, tighter than ever with a bunch of superb melodic tunes but, also, a new singer! David A. Saylor handles the vocal work here and I have to admit that he is doin' an excellent job! The rest of the band consists of Dirty Harris on keyboards, Andy Rock on guitars, Phil Gun on bass, Tiny Karpo on rhythm guitars and Vaggelis Junior on drums.

"Alone" is the opening track and what a great way to start this new release!! This is an 80's melodic rock tune that features some exciting and extremely melodic keys along with a great guitar solo and David A. Saylor's passionate performances. Brilliant stuff!! "Hold On" has a nice riffing and a heavenly influenced chorus line that makes you wanna whisper it for days!! "I Can't Stop Loving You", "If You Still Love Me", "Dream On" are all three excellent samples of what this band is capable of delivering when it comes to some catchy melodic rock songs!! Great arrangements, beautiful melodies to die for and some ultra-catchy hooks and choruses!! "Awake" is nice and emotional ballad while "Tonight" is a killer track!! If this track would have been released twenty years and something back, it could have been a huge success!!! It has a feel-good vibe in it and will put a big smile upon the face of every fan of this scene. "I Won't Forget You" and "Is This Love" are both stunning!! I just love the chorus of "Is This Love"!!!! The album closes with the tune of "Not A Day Goes By" which features an excellent guitar line by Andy Rock and, once again a memorable chorus!!

As you can all assume from the above review, I loved this album!! Every single track here has a brilliant melody, a sensational harmony, passionate performances and the catchy choruses are one after the other!!  The choice to put David A. Saylor on lead vocals gave to the band a fresh note! The sure thing is that there is no filler in sight and, also, I bet that "Dangerous" will be among the top lists of every melodic rock site and web-zine around the net. However you want to call it, melodic rock or AOR this is a classy release from a great band!!! I'm sure that Wild Rose with this album will aim for some bigger things in the near future! Well done! ...And one last thing...the album's cover rocks!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9,5/10

Track List : Alone, Hold On, I Can't Stop Loving You, If You Still Love Me, Dream On, Awake, Tonight, I Won't Forget You, Is This Love, Not A Day Goes By   

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