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Interview with WARRANT's guitarist ERIK TURNER!

WARRANT was one of the most successful hair metal bands back then! With albums like their debut "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich" and their follow up "Cherry Pie" they achieved to write their name with capital letters to that scene! "Dog Eat Dog" was the band's direction to some more heavier paths.

After that, they released a couple of albums that were far away from the band's familiar sound, compilations albums, live recordings and a cover cd! Their lead singer Jani Lane left the band and the new singer was Jamie St. James(Black N' Blue). With Jamie St. James they recorded and released a good hard rockin' album which was titled "Born Again".

Now WARRANT, with Robert Mason on lead vocals, are stronger than ever and they are ready to release their brand new album later in 2011! Erik Tuner rocks with Warrant over twenty years..and some. Below you are going to read a very interesting interview that Erik Turner gave to Heavy Paradise about the band's hey days, "cherry pie"  and of course about the band's future......
- Firstly, I would like to welcome you Erik here in Heavy Paradise!  WARRANT was one of the most successful hair metal bands back then. Albums like your debut and "Cherry Pie" are both classics! After all those years how do you see the huge success that you guys lived back then?

ET: It was a great ride with ups and downs. We are very fortunate that so many people loved the music then and still love to come see the band play live!

- You were a big trademark for the hair metal sound of the 80's, early 90's! But with the amazing "Dog Eat Dog" album you showed a heavier edge! This direction was 'cause of the grunge 'revolution' or was the band's desicion to go to some heavier paths?

ET: It was a little of both I guess. It felt great to stretch out and show a different side of the band. Very proud of the CD for sure :)

- Jani Lane is a big chapter in WARRANT's history. What went wrong and Jani left the band? Do you keep in touch with Jani after all?

ET: We see him once in awhile and everything is cool as can be after all the shit that has gone down over the years, it is like the end of a marriage.

- You guys must have be very proud that you were a huge influence for so many bands! What's your opinion for today's hard rock scene?

ET: There is a lot of great young talent out there doing their thing, the future looks bright.

- What are Erik's influences?

ET: All the same music I grew up on in the 70's and 80's... Still love that hard rock.
- If you had to pick your favourite WARRANT album, which will that be and why?

ET: Cherry Pie, because it is the most famous of our CD's and made a lot of rockers very happy then and now.

- The front cover of "Cherry Pie" is a classic, so it's the video! Which is the girl on the front cover...haha :-) and what is the story of this very successful cover?

ET: It just worked out that way, everybody throwing ideas around till we all agreed on that concept for the cover.

- If you have had a time machine and had the chance to go back then, what things would you change and why?

ET: The way we handled our business could have been a lot better back then, we keep our stuff tight now.

- Robert Mason is a very good singer. How is the chemistry between Mason and the rest of the band?

ET: Great, live and writing new music. We have a new CD of all original material coming out with Robert in May 2011.
- What are the main differences being a musician today and 20 years earlier? I'm asking that 'cause nowadays with all the internet 'tools' (blogs, sites e.t.c.) do you think it's easier to promote your music?

ET: The internet has changed things good and bad for the music industry, we are rolling and adapting to the changes so that we can get our music out to as many rockers as possible.

- What are WARRANT's future plans? Are we going to have a new WARRANT album in the near future?

ET: Yes a new CD is being written as we speak :)

- Hey, that's really great news!
- You played live in front of some big crowds back then and shared the stage with some big names of the past! How do you feel when you are on stage and perfoming live?

ET: When it is a great night, there is almost nothing better than that rush of energy you get and the power coming off the stage!
- Any messages to your fans?

ET: We really appreciate everyone that supports our music and band, God Bless you all!

-Thanx a lot for this interview Erik. I wish you all the best and hopefully to see Warrant performing live in Greece!!

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