Sunday, October 1, 2023

REVIEW : KINGS CROWN, Closer to the Truth (Frontiers Music Srl, Release Date : 13 October 2023)

Former Gypsy Rose, Phenomena, and Dogface guitarist Martin Kronlund launches his new musical venture, Kings Crown: a breathtaking musical ride featuring the powerhouse British vocalist Lee Small (SHY, Phenomena, Sweet), along with Anders Skoog on keyboards, Berra Holmgren on bass and Pontus Engborg (Glenn Hughes) on drums. The new opus is set for release this October through Frontiers Music

I was sitting outside our house in Spain thinking about what to do next,” explains guitarist Martin Kronlund. “I got the idea of going back in time and doing an album in the style of the ‘70s but with a modern production. The first person I contacted was Lee Small. We had been working together in Phenomena and he said ‘let’s do it.’ The same was with Anders Skoog. We had played together in Dogface and he is an amazing Hammond player and a really good songwriter. Then, Pontus Engborg joined us on drums, and he suggested BasBerra Holmgren on bass. Kings Crown was born.”

So, what we have here is an album that 'smells' classic, powerful and bad-ass hard rock from miles away! The fantastic voice of Lee Small shines in every single moment here and gives the extra push to take the whole project to a higher level. The guitars of Martin Kronlund are top notch, inspired and with some bad-ass groove in them that leaves you hungry for more. The amazing rhythm section sounds tight and in general there's plenty of talent and experience here that rockets this album to the top! 

The references to bands such as Dogface (I love this band...), SHY and Thunder are obvious. The guitar sound is simply awesome, the melodies are larger than life and the arrangements solid as rock. There's no filler in sight and the highlights plenty enough for your ear and soul pleasure! If I had to choose some of the highlights here, then I would 'difficulty' pick the classic rocker and very Thunder-esque "Stay The Night", the fantastic groovier "It's Too Late", "Still Alive", "Down Below", "I Will Remember" and "Darkest Of Days"! 

Overall KINGS CROWN's "Closer To The Truth" is an amazingly good record full of traditional and classic hard rock stuff with quality and top class! Highly recommended! 

Songwriting : 9
Production : 9
Songs : 9
Musicianship : 9

Overall Rating : 9 / 10 

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