Saturday, September 30, 2023

REVIEW : LYNCH MOB, Babylon (Frontiers Music Srl, Release: 20 October 2023)

Legendary Hair Metal/Hard Rock band of Lynch Mob band is back with a brand new album entitled "Babylon". The new effort is going to see the light of day this October through the Italian label of Frontiers Music Srl.

The mastermind behind Lynch Mob is no other than the guitar hero George Lynch. Lynch was and still remains an inspiration for every young guitar player out there. His riffs and inspired solos are unique through the years. With his early days with DOKKEN or with his main band LYNCH MOB, George Lynch has inspired many guitarists. 

In my humble opinion, the first two Lynch Mob records are top class, classic I would say records from the golden era of U.S. Hair Metal scene. Later the band released albums that some of them were very good, some of them good and a couple of them I would dare to say average or experiment to be more specific!! 

Nowadays, Lynch Mob strike back in business with a new opus and my first opinion after a couple of spins is that is about an overall solid record. The line-up for the new Mob era consists of vocalist Gabriel Col√≥n, bassist Jaron Gulino (Tantric, Heavens Edge), and drummer Jimmy D’anda (ex-Bulletboys).  

There’s been so many iterations of Lynch Mob since the first line-up in 1989 of Oni Logan, Mick Brown, Anthony Esposito, and myself. Putting Lynch Mob together was just an extension of what I’d always strived for in a band: the best possible musicians, chemistry, and brotherhood. My bands have not only been my best friends, but also family. When we come up together and work hard and struggle together, we create a bond that lasts a lifetime. I think that’s the thing I love the most about my musical journey...creating music in the studio, stepping on stage, and sharing that bond with my friends through music. Thank you to everyone who has been in my band. I really feel it’s ours”, says Lynch.

"Erase", the opener, is a cool track with a strong groove in it and a song that reminded me of the band's early days. "Time After Time" rocks again in an old-fashioned way while in "I'm Ready" we find the band and George on top form!! The fast-paced and more in-your-face "How You Fall" is killer with a monstrous guitar solo in it!!!! The bad-ass groovier "Let It Go", the moodier "Million Miles Away" and the epic 8 minutes long "Babylon" are all three solid! 

All in all, this is a true and old-fashioned hard rock album all the way! A more in traditional Lynch Mob way with some updated pinches "Babylon" will delight not only the die-hards but also every fan of guitar-driven hard rock! 

Songwritting :  8
Production :     8
Songs :             8
Musicianship:   8

Overall Rating :  8 / 10 

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