Sunday, September 17, 2023

REVIEW : RONNIE ATKINS, Trinity (Frontiers Music, Release: 13 October 2023)

Legendary Danish hard rock singer/songwriter Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) is ready to release his third solo opus entitled "TRINITY". The new album will see the light of day this October through the Italian label Frontiers Music

I think the album might have turned out a bit heavier than the previous ones, since most of the songs were written on guitar this time around, but above all it’s still very melodic,” says Atkins. “Lyrically it’s pretty much about what’s going on in the world today and that’s what inspires me. A lot of the songs are pretty personal too and I’m trying to squeeze in a bit of optimism into it as well.”

And yes; "Trinity" is the logical follow-up record to Atkins' previous two solo albums! Of course, it's a bit heavier (which all the Pretty Maids fans will love...) but the melodies are here, the big choruses are here. the tight songwritting is also here and, of course, the powerful, melodic and rasp vocals of Atkins it's here with all its glory! The album was produced by Chris Laney with Jacob Hansen taking care of the mix and the mastering. 

After the classic hard rockin' tune of "Trinity" (the first single of the new effort) comes a song that all the Pretty Maids fans will adore; "Ode To A Madman" is a classic PM song and that means big guitars, in-your-face vocals, a loud chorus, some tasty keys and this unique voice of Atkins to take your breath away! Excellent!!! "Paper Tiger" is a huge melodic hard rock gem that includes a larger than life hook and chorus while in "Soul Divine" we have a soulful power ballad in a typical Ronnie Atkins way. 

The intense instrumental tune of "Via Dolorosa" is mind-travelling while in "Godless" we are dealing with a much heavier, moodier and darker I would dare to say tune that once again take us back to Atkins' Pretty Maids heavy days. It's one of the album's highlights! In "Shine" and "If You Can Dream It" we have two up-beat and very melodic tracks and especially in "If You Can Dream It" the message is very positive! The straight-forward "Sister Sinister" is really mind-blowing and "Raining Fire" is the most 'complex' and technical song out of the new record. The last two songs that closes this gem of an album, "The Unawanted" and "What If", are both great. 

Ronnie Atkins is without any doubt one of the best singers and songwriters in the melodic hard rock and metal scene over the last four decades; there is no single doubt 'bout that! He is an icon in this particular scene. His voice is unique and with each and every single song sings his heart out. "Trinity" is an overall amazing record and one of the best 2023 releases so far. I will close my review by writing a verse of "If You Can Dream It" : "  If you can dream it you can do it 
                                                            You’ll go all the way 
                                                             You’ll discover a side of yourself you don’t know 
                                                              If you believe it you’ll go through it 
                                                               Have a little faith "

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