Tuesday, July 11, 2023

REVIEW : Mitch Malloy, The Last Song (Godsend Records/ Cargo Release: 7 July 2023)

Mitch Malloy is no stranger to the melodic rock/hard rock freaks. His self-titled record back in 1992 (RCA Records) is still one of the classic albums of that golden era. The years went by and Malloy released more solo efforts, worked with many famous artists (Taylor Swift, Boys Like Girls, Kenny Loggins, Craig Morgan) and was the lead singer of GREAT WHITE as well. 

Nowadays, Malloy is back in business with his brand new release entitled "The Last Song". Once again, Mitch is undertaking an album solely by himself from start to finish – songwriting, producing, instruments, mixing and mastering. Mitch reveals, “For this record, I have really taken my time. In the past, I’ve usually been on deadlines..With this album, there was so much material in my head from a few years of not having a true creative outlet, so it was a lot to process. I’m thankful that I have been in a position to not rush my creativity. I’ve been tucked away in my zen zone writing and recording…and amassing lots of new gear! Ha!” 

The first couple of songs that kick-off "The Last Song", "I'm Living In Paradise" and "One Of A Kind", are both classic and classy Malloy songs. Both include big riffs, passionate vocals and some killer harmonies. The 'moodier' "My Pleasure" is just great while in "I'll Find A Way" we have one more highlight out of the new album. An amazing up-tempo melodic rock song which sounds like it jumped out from Malloy's debut! The pop-rocker "Sometimes Love" and "You're The Brightest Star" are both perfect!!! 

Overall Mitch Malloy 's newest effort "The Last Song" is a perfectly well-balanced record that has it's moments! And some of these moments are huge in my ears!

Songwritting : 8
Production : 8
Songs : 8
Musicianship : 8

Overall rating : 8 / 10 

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