Saturday, March 5, 2022

REVIEW : FM, Thirteen (Frontiers Music s.r.l.,RELEASE DATE: March 18, 2022)

AOR legends FM are back in business with their brand new opus simply entitled "Thirteen". The new record is going to be released through Frontiers Music this March. As in their previous albums, the same here, FM continue to deliver high quality Melodic Rock/AOR stuff at its best. 

Since their comeback opus, back in 2010, FM released five original albums, a re-recorded version of their debut album, and a few live releases.

"Thirteen" kicks-off impressively with "Shaking The Tree". A classic FM track that features all the band's trademark elements and that means a larger than life chorus line, crunchy guitars, a tight rhythm section and Steve Overland's unique vocals. Next, "Waiting On Love" is yet another typical FM tune; more radio friendly with a sweet commercial sound and a chorus to die for. "Talk Is Cheap", "Turn This Car Around" and the soulfoul bluesy "Long Road Home" are all three stunning pieces of classic Melodic Rock!! 

In "Every Man Needs A Woman" FM are delivering a harder edged and groovier tune and one of those tracks that made this band very popular among the fans of this genre. With "Fight Fire With Fire" we have another cool song out of "Thirteen". A more diverse tune with a more pop-ish sound in it that I like it a lot!! 

With a band such as FM you can't go wrong; FM stay true to their roots and with each and every new release the one thing that you are going to get is high quality melodic rock/AOR stuff at its best!! 

Songwritting : 9
Production : 9
Songs : 9
Musicianship : 9

Overall Rating : 9 / 10 


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