Friday, March 15, 2013


With their excellent debut album, "No Turning Back", in 2007 Redrum left us hungry!! That was a solid hard rock release with some amazing heavy rock tunes and, of course, Michael Bormann's strong performances!! Nowadays, the band is back full force to offer us another great album that will please every fan of pure hard rock sound.

"Victims Of Our Circumstances" is titled Redrum's newest attempt and believe me it will rock your world!! Redrum consists of the 'mighty' Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart, Rain e.t.c.) on lead vocals, Athan 'Lyssa' Kazakis on guitars, Panos Baxevanis on guitars, Marco Grasshoff on keys and Alex Kidd on bass. From the very first spin of "Victims Of Our Circumstances" I had the feeling that I'm listening to the new Jaded Heart album with Bormann back on board!! I, also, noticed that the sound this time is more polished and with a more radio-friendly approach. The production is solid and the band is tighter than ever!! Bormann's performances are top notch and the guitar duo of Kazakis-Baxevanis delivering the goods!!

" you wanna be one of us? gotta scream..." and Redrum invited us to be one of them with the intro tune of "One Of Us" before the album kicks off with the amazing rocker "Scream"!!!
I just love this track; it's heavy, it's melodic with a catchy as hell chorus line! Impressive start!! Next comes the commercial tune of "You Can't By No Hero". Ass-kickin' hard rock stuff with a heavenly chorus line to whisper for days! For sure one of the highlights of this record. "Dust In Your Eyes" looks like a leftover from the debut while "Empty Promises" is simply an awesome mid-tempo!! It reminds me of Jaded Heart's "IV" era with its sweet melody and, again, the catchy chorus. "Pokerface" features some very good guitar work and "Dirty White Boy" is the first, and only, average moment here. "Mother I'm Coming Home" is an emotional 80's power ballad with Bormann's superb performances!!  "Tear Down The Walls" is the album's heaviest track. Heavy in-your-face guitars, Bormann's powerful vocals and a memorable chorus. "Have A Nice Day" and "Victims Of Our Circumstances" are both very good to come to the album's final tune of "You're The Voice". This is a cover song of John Farnham!! These guys took a classic tune and made it Classic with a capital 'C'!!!!

All in all, I have to say that Redrum is back with a killer record! No new or modern elements, only good old-fashioned hard rock stuff with powerful & emotional vocals by a great singer, a tight musicianship, some inspired riffs and solos , a polished production but, most of all, heart and soul! I really enjoyed every single minute of this album as much I have enjoyed the band's last live performance in Thessaloniki. So, the question is simple : "are you wanna be one of them?...." Highly Recommended release!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
1. One of Us
2. Scream
3. You Can't Buy No Hero
4. Dust In Your Eyes
5. Empty Promises
6. Pokerface
7. Dirty White Boy
8. Mother I'm Coming Home
9. Tear Down the Walls
10. Have a Nice Day
11. Victims of Our Circumstances
12. You're the Voice


  1. Anything BORMANN is excellent regardless!

    1. Listen to BLOODBOUND - Book Of The Dead, with Bormann, total garbage

  2. Music is a matter of taste Johnny, as for Bloodbound....I have to say that is the weakest work so far for Bormann....;-)
    Heavy Paradise

    1. Ok, but on Book Of The Dead, all text and melodies were already given by the band.In the recording session, Bormann had only to sing these melodies.And that's what he did in 3 days. Therefore it was absolutely ok.