Tuesday, January 29, 2019

REVIEW : TORA TORA --- Bastards of Beale (Frontiers Music s.r.l. Release: 22 February 2019)

Tora Tora is a U.S., Memphis/Tennessee, hard rock band that had the chance back days to become big. With a big record deal with A&M Records and a solid debut, "Surprise Attack" in 1989, the band gained popularity in the U.S. hair metal scene. The album charted on Billboard's Top 200 at No. 47 and featured the singles "Walkin' Shoes" and "Guilty." The single "Dancing With a Gypsy" was on the soundtrack for the hugely popular film ‘Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure’ later that year.

Three years later Tora Tora released its second opus with the title "Wild America". This album, as the debut, was yet another strong sample of a great band that had the potential for even bigger things. "Revolution Day" was the band's third album but, unfortunately, 'cause of the music 'changes' it didn't saw the light of day (it was released back in 2011).  

 Since the reunion (2008 - a sold-out performance at Newby's, a local club in Memphis, to celebrate the 20th anniversary), TORA TORA has released three albums of unreleased material, "Before & After", "Bombs Away: The Unreleased Surprise Attack Recordings", and "Miss B. Haven': The Unreleased Wild America Recordings”. But fans wanted NEW MUSIC from the band!!!!

So, the new music from Tora Tora is finally a reality and the vehicle for this music is Frontiers Music s.r.l. The new album is entitled "Bastards Of Beale" and the official release is on 22nd of February. 

For those who are familiar with Tora Tora's music, let me tell you that if you loved the band's previous recordings, then you'll probably dig this one too. The band continues to deliver 'dirty' U.S. flavored hard rock stuff with some strong bluesier 'touches' as well. Songs like the groovier and heavier "Giants Fall", the straight-forward rocker "Silence The Sirens" with its amazing bluesier vibe, the ballad "Lights Up The River" and the punchy "Rose Of Jericho" are samples of a band that still got the attitude to write good music. 

Let's give a big welcome to Tora Tora and its brand new "Bastards Of Beale" album!!! It's really nice to hear new stuff from bands that back in the days were ruling the airwaves and nowadays they shout out loud 'hey we're still here'!!!! 

Rating : 8/10 

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