Monday, July 2, 2018

REVIEW : BIG CITY --- Big City Life (Roar! Rock Of Angels Records, 2018)

Big City is a Norwegian melodic hard rock band and "Big City Life" is entitled its brand new album that is out through Rock Of Angels Records. The new album comes in a digipack edition together with the band's first record "Wintersleep" which was released back in 2013. 
The members of Big City are not new in the hard rock/metal world. They were members of bands such as Scariot, Blood Red Throne, Withem, Maraton, and Memoria Avenue. Big City consists of guitarist Daniel Olaisen (Scariot, Blood Red Throne, ex- Satyricon),  guitarist Frank Orland (ex- Scariot), bassist Miguel Pereira (Withem), and drummer Frank Nordeng Roe (Withem, Maraton). The line-up closes with the amazing singer Jan Le Brandt (Memoria Avenue, Northquake).

The music of Big City is basically melodic hard rock or if your prefer edgy AOR, in some parts. The production is crystal clear, the songs are all well-written, well-performed and Le Brandt is doin' an amazing job regarding of the vocals here. The guitars are crunchy, heavy and includes some really inspired melodic lines that will make every guitar freak very proud. 

The first highlight comes with the stunning tune of "Cryin' In The Night". Melodic to the bone with a harmonic line to die for and a chorus that will make you sing-a-long for days. "Daemon In The Dark" kicks-off in a slow an' melodic tempo and then explodes to a more hard rocking beast. The melodies, the arrangements, the vocals, the guitars here are in one word perfect!! Love it! The up-tempo guitar-driven "Rocket Man" is killer while in "From This Day" the band delivers yet another superb slice of pure melodic hard rock perfection. The guitar work in this track is really breathtaking!!  Just check out, also, the fast-paced "Running For Your Life" (play it on maximum volume) and "Tower Of Babylon" and you'll discover two more little gems out of "Big City Life".  

Excellent album from start to finish!!! All the songs here are filled with big harmonies, powerful performances, superb guitar lines (thanks to the amazing guitarists Frank ├śrland and Daniel Olaisen) and a late 80's melodic hard rock vibe that makes "Big City Life" one of the best records of 2018!!

Rating : 9,2/10

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