Saturday, June 16, 2018

REVIEW : Kilmara --- Across The Realm Of Time (ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records, August 2018)

KILMARA strikes back to business with its brand new opus with the title "Across The Realm Of Time" through Rock Of Angels Music. Having released three solid records so far, Kilmara is ready to make a big step forward and conquer the metal world with this new album. 
Kilmara is a band that plays powerful, in-your-face and technical melodic metal stuff. Personally I like this band a lot. I own Kilmara's previous releases but I have to say that this one is by far their finest! Faster, more powerful and with some killer melodies in it "Across The Realm Of Time" will aim, for sure, to a bigger audience; no doubt 'bout that!

This new opus is recorded/mixed and produced by Roland Grapow in his GrapowStudios in Slovakia and he did a hell of a job regarding the sound! The guitarist of the band John Portillo has been responsible for composing the entire album with the talented vocalist Daniel Ponce who has written all the lyrics as well as printing his personal and memorable melodies. The drummer Javi Morillo, the bassist Didakio and the virtuoso Miguel Laise are the ones who complete the line-up. 

After the intro of "..and Into The Realm" comes the first sample of Kilmara's music. "Purging Flames" is a fast-paced, powerful and great melodic metal track!! Man. I just love this double kick drums along with the heavy guitars!!! The chorus line is catchy, melodic and memorable enough to make you whistle it for days. Excellent start!! 

The next couple of songs, "The Silent Guide" and "The End Of The World", are both solid melodic metal stuff. Both songs include powerful vocals, heavy and hi-tech guitars, melodies, fantastic harmonies, and 'clever' arrangements. For damn sure, these tunes are among my personal favorites out of the new opus. With "My Haven" Kilmara deliver a killer track; this is simply the best tune out of "Across The Realm Of Time" imho!!! A more hard rocking song with some progressive pinches in it and a fantastic chorus line this one rocks big time! "Principles Of Hatred", "The Forge" and "Disciples" are all three very good while in  "I Shall Rise Again" we have the first slow moment of the album. This is an excellent and very emotional ballad that features Viktorie Surmøva ( Surmatra, Rosa Nocturna, Victorius ) on the female vocals. The song that closes this great release is called "Out From The Darkness" and it's an overall good modern metal track. 

Closing, I have to say that KILMARA's 'Across The Realm Of Time' is pure melodic metal bliss!! I had high expectations from this band regarding their previous solid records and all my expectations are fulfilled by this amazing album. One of the best melodic metal records of 2018 so far. Great job guys!!! 

Rating : 9/10 

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