Tuesday, May 1, 2018


The Swedish melodic hard rock band of Grand Design is back in business with its brand new, and already fourth official, album with the title "Viva La Paradise". As in the previous records, the same here Grand Design continue with the same passion to offer their Def Leppard-ish influenced music that the sure thing is that will make the Brit legendary band very proud!!
Their polished, catchy and in-your-face melodic hard rock along with the sharp and edgy guitar work makes Grand Design a favorite among the fans of this particular scene. The band's lead singer Pelle Saether has a unique voice that adds to the final result a special 'touch'.

The first highlight comes with "Rawk N' Roll Hysteria"!!! Man, I just love this track. A modern and newer 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' that grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more! The chorus is pure heaven, the guitars heavy enough and Saether delivers some powerful vocals enough to bring the house down! The up-tempo "Viva La Paradise" is cool while "Aim 4 The Heart" is a superb ballad that includes an explosive hook an chorus!! "I Would Be The Wind",  the fast-paced "It's Only Straight From The Heart" and the huge "Too Late To Fall In Love" (that reminds Def Leppard of Adrenalize era) are all three just great rockers. 

Grand Design are back with a solid album all the way. An opus full of catchy and in-your-face hooks and choruses, tons of melodies and the Def Leppard 'ghost' to haunt the whole result "Viva La Paradise" will make your day! Great stuff!!!

Rating : 8,5/10

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