Friday, April 27, 2018

REVIEW : BULLETS AND OCTANE --- WAKING UP DEAD (Bad MoFo Records/Cargo Records UK, 2018)

Bullets And Octane is a band that has its roots in St. Louis, Missouri and now based in Southern California. It's not a newbie in the hard rock scene. Having already released 7 full-length albums (!!!!) and an EP since their creation, back in 2003, Bullets And Octane are back with their brand new opus with the title "Waking Up Dead".
After the very first spin of their new album, I have to say that I like it a lot. I would call it pissed off heavy rock stuff with attitude!!! Yes, these guys are pissed off and that's a thing that you will hear it in "Waking Up Dead".

The opening tune of "Bad Mother Fucker" is really huge!!! Aggressive hard rock with a ballsy sound that takes no prisoners with. In some parts reminded me of SKIN (of the debut) but edgier... The same goes with the next song, "Waking Up Dead". This is another in-your-face rocker and a song that could easily appear in Warrior Soul's earlier albums. The punk-ish "When We Were Young" it's fun while in "Burning At Both Bricks" is a more straight forward rocker. "Fires" has a modern vibe in it and in "Fuck You Song" we are dealing with a killer track!!! Yep, it's funny but especially in "Fuck You Song" the band delivers one of the most melodic rock songs of the entire album!!! "Murder Me Babe", "Rolling Stone" and "Heart Attack" are all three solid hard rock stuff. "Hostage" is yet another very interesting tune out of the new opus. A brilliant laid-back rock song that I love it! 

Bullets And Octane is a band that for damn sure knows how to rock your world! They have the right attitude, some killer tunes, a big groove and most of all they sure knows how to wake up the dead!!!!

Rating : 8,4/10

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