Sunday, November 27, 2016

REVIEW : Burning Point / The Blaze (2017)

Finnish Melodic Power Metal act of Burning Point strikes back with its brand new opus with the title "The Blaze". Burning Point, for those who are into this scene, is a band that is an active part of this particular sound since the late 90's and through the years build a strong reputation around its name.

Burning Point has already released five full-length records that all of them received a very positive feedback from both fans and press. In 2014, a new singer came on board, Nitte Valo, and with him the band re-recorded some older stuff. But, nowadays, Burning Point is back with new material that the the sure thing is that will please both old and new fans as well.

The sound here is typical Burning Point and that means : big and heavy guitars with plenty of melodic solos to please every guitar maniac out there, powerful vocal lines, strong arrangements and some classic late 80's metal elements.

"The Blaze" is, in general, a record that flaws perfectly and it is enjoyable from start to finish. All the songs are movin' to same and 'safe' melodic power metal paths with strong arrangements and includes some killer tunes in it such as "My Spirit", the huge "My Incarnation", the catchier "My Time Has Come" and the Epic "Lost In Your Thoughts".  

For sure, "The Blaze" is an album that fits perfectly in the already big and strong Burning Point collection but, also, it's an album that will satisfy each and every melodic power metal fan. 

Rating : 8/10

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