Sunday, November 29, 2015

REVIEW : Burntfield / Cold Heat (2015)

Helsinki-based melodic rockers Burntfield are back in business with their brand new EP which is entitled "Cold Heat". The four new songs include all of Burntfield’s core qualities: 3 vocalists, 2 guitars, strong melodies and multi-part vocal harmonies that will please every rock fan out there.

The music of Burntfield is simply awesome; it's straight forward melodic rock, it's modern, it's colorful and it features some excellent melodies, with a strong dose of progressive, that it grabs you at once.

"Deal With It" is a catchy rocker with a strong groove and an 80's vibe while in "Q & A" we are dealing with a beautiful song, a bit more complex, with strong arrangements. One of this EP's strongest moments. "Under The Dome" is yet another very interesting track here; more pop-ish with a jazzy 'touch' that rockets this gem to a higher level. The incredible mellower acoustic and bluesy tune of "How Lucky" certifies that this band has plenty of talent.

Burntfield is a new and fresh band that, as I already mentioned above, has talent and generally has all the package for bigger things in the near future. Each member puts its personal touch to every song here and the final result is brilliant.

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing:
1. Deal With It
2. Q & A
3. Under The Dome
4. How Lucky

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