Monday, January 13, 2014

SNAKEYES / Welcome To The Snake Pit (EP-2013)

SnakeyeS is a new heavy metal band that was originally founded by Jose Pineda, of the Spanish band SPHINX. Later the vocalist Cosmin Aioniţă was added as the band's lead shouter and the band was completed by guitar players Justi Bala (who handled all guitar solos on the EP) and Carlos Delgado (drums).

"Welcome To The Snake Pit" was mixed, mastered and produced by Jose Pineda. All songs were written by Jose Pineda and Cosmin Aionita. The cover artwork was designed by Fenando Nanderas, the same artist who created the Snakeyes logo.

The sound of Snakeyes is pure classic heavy metal with powerful vocal lines, a big and fat guitar sound, a solid rhythm section and a strong production. It's too bad that this EP features only three tracks but believe me they are a very good appetizer of what to expect from the band's forthcoming full-length album this year. From the three tunes that are in this E,the one that impressed me the most is the groovier and Skid Row-esque "Snake Pit". Powerful with attitude melodic metal stuff in an old-fashion way! The boys, also, recently did a fantastic cover of Judas Priest classic tune of "Riding The Sentinel Into Hell" that you can listen below.

All in all this is an impressive sample of a very promising band!! I 'm looking forward to Snakeyes' full-length record later this year! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

SnakeyeS - Welcome To The Snake Pit Tracklist:

1. Time of Dismay
2. Snake Pit
3. Shadow Warriors

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