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Interview with Michael Müller of Jaded Heart

Jaded Heart is a popular German melodic heavy rock band who formed in 1990 by Michael Bormann (vocals), Dirk Bormann(guitar), Michael Müller (bassist, ex THE SYGNET) and former MAD MAX's drummer Axel Kruse who joined to finalise the first line up.
In 2004, Michael Bormann and Jaded Heart took separate ways and JOHAN FAHLBERG (ex-SCUDIERO) was the band's new singer!
The Album “HELLUVA TIME” was the first major release with Fahlberg fronting the band as a lead singer and further European tours followed in 2005 and 2006. With “HELLUVA TIME”  starting a new chapter for Jaded Heart. Two more albums were followed.
Below you are going to read some very interesting things that founding member of Jaded Heart Michael Muller told to Heavy Paradise about Jaded Heart's past, present and their future plans!
Heavy Paradise : Hello Michael! It's really a great pleasure that we have you here in Heavy Paradise!

M.M. :Thank you very much for the interview!!

Heavy Paradise:  Firstly, how are the things going on in the Jaded Heart camp?

M.M. :  Great! We are in the writing process for the next album which should be out in autumn 2011. We are also preparing our next european tour for next year. We also have invitations for Australia and Japan again in 2011. So, lots of positive things to come up for Jaded Heart.

Heavy Paradise: As a long time Jaded Heart fan, I have to ask you some things about the band's past. What went wrong back then and Michael Bormann and Jaded Heart took their separate ways?

M.M.:..To be honest: I don´t think it is worth to repeat the story again. It´s now more than 5 years ago since we split up and it is enough said about all this. We just couldn´t get along anymore.

Heavy Paradise: After Bormann's departure, did you think of changing the band's name?

M.M: ... No, never. Axel and myself are founder of JH aswell, so why changing everything just because a member has to leave the band?

Heavy Paradise: Is it hard for a band to lose a major band member, as Bormann and B. Kepic, later, were? How this thing affected the rest of the band concerning the songwritting?

M.M. : Of course both of the guys had a big influence in the sound of JH. But with Johan and Peter, two very talented and creative new members joined the band. It affected the musicial direction of the JH. But it was time to move forward with the sound of JH anyway.

Heavy Paradise:  So, I think that it wasn't difficult for you guys to find a new singer for the band. I'm saying that 'cause after the "Trust" album in 2004, you released "Helluva Time" with the new singer in 2005. How did you come up with Johan Fahlberg?

M.M. : Yes, it was hard because a singer like MB is not easy to replace. We were not looking to have the 2nd MB. We wanted to have a more „metal“ voice for the future. We were looking all around Europe and finally found ourselves in the plane to Stockholm, looking for swedish singers, hahaha.
We are so happy to have Johan in the band. He is so crazy, funny and friendly that it is pure luck for us to play with him. He does not only have this very wide range in his voice but he brouth a new understanding of friendship into the band, as well. He rocks! ;o)

Heavy Paradise: With Johan Fahlberg you have released three albums. Which is, in your opinion, your favourite on?

M.M. :  Perfect Insanity and Sinister Mind. Best mixture between heavyness and melodic metal/melodic rock.

Heavy Paradise:  From the previous albums, which one has a special place in your heart?

M.M. :  "IV" ! Great time to record this album in the US with a great producer, Bobby Barth.

Heavy Paradise: The 'new' Jaded Heart is heavier and in some parts more aggressive. The die-hards of the band were a bit negative about this music direction. Can you tell me some things about that?

M.M. :.. You can never be everyones darling when you are creative and play the music that you love. We gained more fans than we actually lost. What´s wrong with arressive, powerfull and still melodic music? It is fun! And that what it is all about.

Heavy Paradise: Your last release received some great reviews all over the net! How do you feel about that?

M.M. : Of course it makes me proud. We are having so much fun playing our music and it is a big honor to read that the fans all over the world and on the internet are feeling the same like we do.

Heavy Paradise:  What are your influences?

M.M. : I am influenced by Kiss and lots of the 80s Metal and Glam Rock music. I was playing along Ride the Lightning ( Metallica ) and Slayer with my guitar as well when I was a kid. So, any kinds of Rock / Metal.. that´s my influence!

Heavy Paradise: Are you going to release a live album?

M.M.:  We recorded lots of stuff on our first tour in Japan in October this year. So, maybe we will be releasing a DVD in the near future.

Heavy Paradise : Any last message to your fans?

M.M.: ... yeah. Stay open minded for all kinds of heavy music! Don´t download music and go to concerts! Stay hard and heavy!! See you next year!!! ,

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