Saturday, December 12, 2020


Another year passed by and what a year it was; a very hard, sad and difficult year for all hummanity because of the pandemic of covid-19. The music was and still remains a vechicle for all of us to get through these hard times and to cause good and positive vibes. So, musically speaking, 2020 is overall a year that gave us some really excellent releases and I would dare to say some albums that will be future classics. At this point, I have to say a huge thank you to the loyal fans of Heavy Paradise that stuck with us for yet another year. A big thank you to the artists, labels and promoters that shared these great releases with Heavy Paradise. So, below you are going to read Heavy Paradise's top lists for 2020. Enjoy!!!! 

Heavy Paradise's Top 12 Albums of 2020

1. Perfect Plan, Time For A Miracle (Frontiers Music)

2. East Temple Avenue, Both Sides Of Midnight (AOR Heaven)

3. Arctic Rain, The One (Frontiers Music)

4. H.E.A.T. , II (Gain Music)

5. Palace, Rock And Roll Radio (Frontiers Music) 

6. Stan Bush, Dare To Dream (Cargo Records UK) 

7. One Desire, Midnight Empire (Frontiers Music)

8. Girish And The Chronicles, Rock The Highway (Lions Pride Music) 

9. DYNAZTY, The Dark Delight (AFM Records) 

10. Imperium, Heaven Or Hell (AOR Heaven) 

11. Stardust, Highway To Heartbreak (Frontiers Music) 

12. Badd Kharma, On Fire (ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records)

Heavy Paradise's Top 10 Songs Of 2020 

1. Every Time We Cry, PERFECT PLAN 
2. After You're Gone, ONE DESIRE 
3. Rock And Roll Radio, PALACE
4. Night After Night, ARCTIC RAIN
5. Never Surrender, BADD KHARMA 
6. Heartless Madness, DYNAZTY
7. Heaven Must Have Won An Angel, H.E.A.T.
8. Runaway, STARDUST
10. What About Love, PERFECT PLAN 

Heavy Paradise's Best Front Cover Of 2020 

The award for this year's best cover artwork goes to PERFECT PLAN's newest opus "Time For A Miracle". It's not only the awesome front cover but also the 'symbolic' title....I guess it's time for a miracle!!!! 

So, this is it ladies and gentlemen! Another year passed by and the last thing that I want to add here is that I wish to each and every one of you a healthier new year and, of course, another year with great music!! 

Thank you for supporting Heavy Paradise, The Paradise Of Melodic Rock!!! 

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