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Yes, it's that time of the year that here in Heavy Paradise I have to decide (a very hard decision to be honest...) about which album achieved to climb straight to number one! Once again I have to say a huge thank you to the bands, artists, music labels, friends and, of course, to Heavy Paradise's readers for yet another amazing year full of great releases...full of great music! 

I was in between three albums for 'THE' album of the year. The new records from The Defiants, Eclipse and Crazy Lixx . There are, of course, three or four releases that could easily appear in this position. But the final decision has already been taken and below you can read Heavy Paradise's Top lists for 2019.   

*** The categories are ::: (1) Top 20 Best Of Albums Of 2019, (2) Top 10 Best Of Songs Of 2019, (3) Top 3 video clips Of 2019, (4) Top 2 Cover Artworks Of 2019 & (5) Musician of the year . 


#1. CRAZY LIXX, Forever Wild (Frontiers Music) . "Crazy Lixx's new release, "Forever Wild", is an hymn to the glorious days of Hair Metal/Melodic Hard Rock scene. An opus that includes big and memorable hooks n' choruses, killer songs, passionate vocals, a massive production and it's gonna be a future classic! Crazy Lixx are back with a vengeance! "

#2. THE DEFIANTS, ZOKUSHO (Frontiers Music). "THE DEFIANTS are back with a huge follow-up record!! Holy mother, this is gonna be a future classic, no doubt about that! Paul Laine, Bruno Ravel, Steve West and Rob Marcello are ready to rock your world and, for sure, they are ready to tear you house down with their powerful, punchy, anthemic and melodic music! "

#3. ECLIPSE, Paradigm (Frontiers Music). "I think that words are not enough for a band such as Eclipse is. A very talented band with killer releases so far. The new "Paradigm" stands proudly besides Eclipse's previous records such as "Armageddonize", "Monumentum", "Bleed And Scream" and "Are You Ready To Rock" and it proves in such a great way why this band is considered a leader in this particular scene. A big bravo to Eclipse for yet another killer album!"

#4. LOVEKILLERS feat. TONY HARNELL, Lovekillers feat. Tony Harnell (Frontiers Music).  "If you missed the classic TNT sound of albums like "Intuition", "Realized Fantasies" and "Tell No Tales", then LOVEKILLERS debut will make your day. You're gonna fell in love with each and every single track here. It's one of these records that include only killer, no filler, songs." 

#5.  MORANO, Incognito (Perris Records) "What an amazingly and surprisingly record is this!!!! It totally blew my mind up!! MORANO with his brand new opus, "Incognito", comes to deliver a strong mix of guitar-driven melodic hard rock with big hooks n' choruses, tons of melodies, a breathtaking list of guests (Danny Vaughn, Terry Ilous, Nita Strauss, Bill Leverty, Michael Foster, Bryan Cole and more..) and, most of all, KILLER SONGS!!! Buy or die!!!"

#6. PRETTY MAIDS, Undress Your Madness (Frontiers Music). "The fact with Pretty Maids is that this band never disappoints with each release. For me "Undress Your Madness" is yet another gem of an album that includes some of the best tunes that this band has ever recorded. If you want heavy guitars along with heavenly influenced melodies and unique vocals, then PRETTY MAIDS is your band!!! KILLER STUFF!!! "

#7. BEAST IN BLACK , FROM HELL WITH LOVE (Nuclear Blast Records). "From Hell With Love" is the brand new killer album by Beast In Black!! This is a very commercial, ultra catchy and enjoyable album from start to finish and it includes killer performances, an amazing guitar-driven sound, a thunderous rhythm section, a sweet modern vibe and only killer songs!! "

#8. FIRST SIGNAL, Line Of Fire (Frontiers Music). "Album number three for First Signal and once again they are delivering yet another hook-laden, ultra melodious and extremely interesting opus that can't be missed by any fan of the melodic rock/AOR scene. "

#9. Nitrate, Open Wide (AOR Heaven). "If you love the mid-80's, early 90's, sound and bands such as Trixter, Bon Jovi, Danger Danger and Hardline, then you must add this to your collection!!! "

#10. ROULETTE, NOW! (Black Lodge Records). "Roulette with their brand new opus "Now!" set the candidate for the album of the year! "Now!" it's one of these records that includes only killer songs filled with heavenly melodies, harmonic lines to die for, passionate vocals, catchy as hell choruses and this mid 80's classic vibe in it. Classic stuff!"

#11. Age Of Reflection, A New Dawn (AOR Heaven). "Age Of Reflection is back in business with a great album all the way. "A New Dawn" is for sure a 'new' start for this amazing band and for damn sure this one will be a future classic! Heavier than the debut with bigger melodies, harmonic lines to die for and choruses to sing-a-long for days! "

#12. Steel Prophet, The God Machine (ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records). "Steel Prophet with their brand new opus, "The God Machine", deliver a damn fine sample of pure Power Metal stuff with tons of riffs enough to bang your head, a big and massive sound, melodies, killer songs and strong vocal performances by R.D. Liapakis!!! One of the top releases..."

#13. EDGE OF FOREVER, Native Soul (Frontiers Music). "I think that this band delivered its best opus to-date. Stronger, edgier and melodic with fresh ideas and with a killer production. Taste it! "

#14. ADELLAIDE, New Horizons (Lions Pride Music). "I think that Adellaide with this new opus delivers another yet high class melodic rock/AOR album full of beautiful melodies, memorable hooks and choruses and great tracks. For those who love bands such as H.E.A.T. and Care Of Night, this is a must add to their collection. "

#15. DeVicious, Reflections (Metalapolis). "DeVicious with their new "Reflections" are going to release a killer record that includes catchy as hell hooks n' choruses to sing-a-long for days, killer songs, a crystal clear production and passionate performances!!! Mark the first of March on your calendar and go out and buy this little gem, you won't regret it! "

#16. WORK OF ART, Exhibits (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) . "Work Of Art did it again!! "Exhibits" is one of those records that aiming straight to the heart of each and every melodic rock/AOR fan out there. Beautiful melodies, killer songs and a pure AOR sound along with Lars Säfsund unique vocals makes "Exhibits" a must have for every AOR freak out there. "

#17. Hardware ‘86, Hardware ‘86 (Independent, 2019). "Frickin' awesome album all the way! Hardware '86 with its debut self titled comes to remind us all the reasons why we love this particular scene."

#18. Cats In Space, Daytrip To Narnia (Harmony Factory / Cargo Records) . "A fantastic, well-consisted and enjoyable opus, from start to finish, that is a must have for every music lover out there. It doesn't matter if you are into melodic rock or metal or pop or any music label; this is music ladies and gentlemen. "

#19. STARBREAKER, Dysphoria (Frontiers Music). "STARBREAKER is back with album number three and in my humble opinion the band's best an most mature album to date!! A melodic metal monster that is full of soaring and passionate vocals by the legendary Tony Harnell, inspired and breathtaking guitar licks by Magnus Karlsson and most of all "Dysphoria" is an album that includes only killer songs!! "

#20. Silked & Stained - Goes Up To Eleven (Lions Pride Music). "I would strongly recommend Silked & Stained newest opus "Goes Up To Eleven" to each and every hard rock fan out there who likes the classic melodic hard rock sound with a modern twist."


TOP 10 SONGS OF 2019

#1. THE DEFIANTS, "U X'D My Heart"
#2. CRAZY LIXX, "Weekend Lover"
#3. ECLIPSE, "Delirious"
#4. FIRST SIGNAL, "Falling"
#5. HARDWARE '86, "Summer Of 91"
#6. PRETTY MAIDS, "Firesoul Fly"
#7. NITRATE, "Heart Go Wild"
#8. CRAZY LIXX, "(She's Wearing) Yesterday's Face"
#9. ROULETTE, "Right By Your Side"
#10. RESTLESS SPIRITS (Tony Hernando), "I Remember Your Name" (feat. Kent Hilli of Perfect Plan) 



#1. Crazy Lixx, "Silent Thunder"

#2. The Defiants, "U X'D My Heart"

#3. Eclipse, "Viva La Victoria"



#1. The front cover of CATS IN SPACE's new opus is simply amazing. So, the award for this category goes to Cats In Space

#2. The second award for this category goes to Pretty Maids for the artwork of their brand new record "Undress Your Madness". 



The award for this year goes to two very talented musicians that over the last years delivered great music. So, the award goes to Erik Martensson (Eclipse) and Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx). Both artists released killer music this year and kept the flag of the melodic hard rock scene high over the last years. The sure thing is that they both will deliver more and bigger things in the near future. 

So, this is it ladies and gentleman. The melodic awards for 2019...... I hope that you enjoyed the reading and, most of all, you enjoyed the music. I think that what counts most is the music. At this point, I have to say once again a HUGE thank you for yet another great year, another year of support and stay focused at Heavy Paradise for 2020. 

Thank you all........

Have a great and safe Christmas time with your family & friends, a Happy New Year and see ya next year!!!


                                                                               The Heavy Paradise Team 

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