Saturday, February 4, 2012


Mark Spiro is an American songwriter, award winning producer, recording artist, and accomplished musician, with a career that spans over two decades. Among his many accomplishments are 45 gold and platinum records and six solo albums. His songs, and his productions have been represented on records that have sold over 100 million records, world-wide!

He is most recognized as one of the leading melodic rock songwriters in the United States, with songs recorded by such classic artists as Heart, Cheap Trick, Giant, Bad English, John Waite, Kansas, Reo Speedwagon, Winger, Mike Reno (Loverboy), Julian Lennon. So, what we are going to hear from Spiro's newest work is an album full of great melodies, a tight songwriting and, most of all, the artist's smooth and 'tender' voice!

The album starts with the "It's A Beautiful Life" which is a great way to start this release. It's a radio-friendly cool Aor tune with a catchy chorus line. "Come Back To Me" has a brilliant melody that sticks in your mind from the very first listen while  "Might As Well Be Me" features some more attitude! "Dream Big, Pray Hard" is another one great track and it's one of my personal favorite.

All in all, this is a well-crafted album with great harmonies, melodies and awesome vocal performances from this excellent musician. I can't say if this will end up high in this year's Top list but, for sure, it will be on a regular bases in my cd player!

HeavyParadise's Rating : 7,5/10

Track List : 01 - It’s A Beautiful Life, 02 - I Know Who I Love, 03 - Come Back To Me, 04 - Love Struck Dumb, 05 - Go Another Mile, 06 - Dance The Lonely Spotlight, 07 - Might As Well Be Me, 08 - Brand New Beautiful Day, 09 - Dream Big, Pray Hard, 10 - Everything I Do, 11 - A Beautiful Mistake (bonus track)

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