Saturday, January 14, 2012


Dario Mollo is one of the most famous guitarists / producers of the modern Italian Heavy Metal scene. The collaborations with big names such as Don Airey (Rainbow, Ozzy and Deep Purple), Kit Woolven (Thin Lizzy, Cradle of Filth and UFO) and Tony Martin and the impressive recording of the first Cage album, in 1999, gave him the ticket for a respectable career. Especially with Cage, he managed to upload the shares on the 'stock' values ​​of the international Heavy Metal scene. For Tony Martin, on the other hand, need no specific recommendations because he is widely known for his work with Black Sabbath, Arrayan Path, Black Widow, and, of course, with Cage and as a solo artist with some really good albums!

With the very first notes of "Wicked World" gets anyone in the whole climate of "The Third Cage". And what is this? Powerful riffs, massive production and a Tony Martin to yield the greatest! In "Cirque Du Freak" speeds fall to get some more heavy and slow riffs and remember little from the 'big' Black Sabbath. More hard rock rhythms in "Oh My Soul" to get to the next more commercial tune of "One Of The Few" with the clever arrangements and its catchy chorus! The "Still In Love With You" can be considered a good song but offers something of value and "Can't Stay Here" is, in my humble opinion, the weakest track so far! In the next two songs, "Wardance" and "Don't Know What It Is About You", we have two pretty good moments in "The Third Cage" with powerful orchestrations and inspired guitar parts.

In conclusion, I would say that the "The Third Cage" is a pretty interesting release from Frontiers Records. The album is characterized by the excellent guitar of Dario Mollo, the possible interpretations of Tony Martin and, in general, interesting arrangements. For fans of melodic Heavy Metal is necessary to hear it!

Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10

Track List : 01. Wicked World, 02. Cirque Du Freak, 03. Oh My Soul, 04. One Of The Few, 05. Still In Love With You, 06. Can’t Stay Here, 07. Wardance, 08. Don’t Know What It Is About You, 09. Blind Fury, 10. Violet Moon, 11. Wicked World

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