Monday, January 30, 2017

REVIEW : SMASH INTO PIECES -- Rise And Shine (2017)

Whoa!! That was my first impression with Smash Into Pieces' new album "Rise And Shine". I really haven't heard anything from this band till now and I have to say that I loved this album! These Swedes knows for sure how to deliver powerful and well-played modern metal with attitude.

The band that was formed back in 2008 is ready nowadays to unleash its brand new opus, "Rise And Shine" and it's damn ready to gain more popularity! Their modern and ultra catchy modern rock/metal along with some Daughtry-esque influences makes the final result a pleasant listening from start to finish!!

The opener "Turn It Down" is probably the best track from the new album! Powerful with a pop-ish approach in it this song grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more! In "Let Me Be Your Superhero", the Nickelback, Daughtry elements are obvious while in "Merry Go Round" Smash Into Pieces delivers another modern pop-rock gem. This tune features a superb and more straight forward rhythm and with its excellent melody and, of course, its ultra catchy chorus line creates a killer moment out of "Rise and Shine".

The punchier "Higher" and "Animal" are two more solid samples out of the new record. Both are modern and especially in "Animal" I hear some Amaranthe "touches' as well (which is another band that I like a lot). "YOLO" is yet another radio-friendly rock anthem that will be a future classic for sure. In "In Love With Love", the band shows its emotional side in this semi-acoustic power ballad song that includes a superb guitar solo.

Smash Into Pieces is ready to rise and shine with this new album! This band with "Rise And Shine" is ready to stand up among the big names of this scene (Amaranthe, Alter Bridge, Daughtry e.t.c.) and look the future for even bigger things!!!! Well done!! 

Rating : 8,5/10 

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