Sunday, February 19, 2017

REVIEW : EVHO (Event Horizon) -- EPISODE (2017)

Event Horizon is a four-piece New York based rock band that was formed back in 2008 and nowadays they present us their brand new EP with the title 'Episode'. EVHO's sound can be described as modern rock, even if they mix a variety of styles, and features crunchy guitars, very good performances and a tight musicianship.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

REVIEW : SINHERESY -- Domino (2017)

Sinheresy is a metal band that originally was formed back in 2009 and since its creation it buit a strong reputation around its name. With already two albums on their sleeve, "The Spiders And The Butterfly" and "Paint The World", Sinheresy returns with a brand new opus which is entitled "Domino".

Wardrum signs with Rockshots Music

ROCKSHOTS MUSIC is proud to announce a worldwide and exclusive management deal with WARDRUM as well as per booking their live shows! WARDRUM, after the release of their 4th studio album called “Awakening” last 25th October via Steel Gallery Records and on 27th October in Japan via Spiritual Beast, join forces with Rockshots Music for the next upcoming shows supporting their best album to date.

“Awakening” is considered as one of the best releases of its kind, it is a pure metal album with a technical, but highly melodic sound.
The gifted voice of Yannis Papadopoulos has a perfect pitch and a lethal high-range, top notch guitar works is handled by Kosta Vreto and J. Demian supported by a very impressive rhythmic session formed by Strutter (Bass) and Stergios Kourou (Drums).

So check their website page as well as their brand new album, don’t miss their strong point and best moment: live shows!

March 04 - Metal Union Club | Agrinio, Greece            
March 17 - Eightball Club | Thessaloniki, Greece            
April 02 - Kyttaro | Athens, Greece            
Jule 28 - OVER THE WALL FESTIVAL | Heraklion, Greece


Friday, February 17, 2017

REVIEW : ROSCO'S RIOT -- "Crazy & Wild" (2016)

The fact is that recently I discovered more and more interesting bands from the rock scene in general. My new discovery is a band from Belfast, Northern Island which is called Rosco's Riot. "Crazy And Wild" was the band's debut record that was released last year and it's about a well-crafted album with a bunch of some killer tunes in it.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


The first Glam Festival in Athens, Greece!

At Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of April, A.O.R., HARD ROCK & GLAM METAL bands from around the world, will perform live at Sleaze N Roll festival on MODU clubs live stage in Athens, Greece. The headliners of the first day April 7th will be the Greek melodic rockers Wild Rose and the second day April 8th the Swedish glam rockers ToxicRose!

Line up April 7th:
Wild Rose (GR)
Sleazy Lizards(GR)
Heart Attack (GR)
Ganzi Gun (GR)

Line up April 8th:
ToxicRose (SWE)
Nasty Ratz (CZ)
Strangers (ES)
Design band (GR)

Venue: MODU, Athens, Greece (Kolonou 76, Athens, Greece)
1st day: 10euro
2nd day: 15euro Presale / 18euro Door
Both days: 20euro Only 100 tickets available!
Ticketing Pre-Sale:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to present a very special box set release from UNRULY CHILD, "Reigning Frogs – The Box Set Collection” on April 21, 2017.

This exclusive, limited edition, brand new box set includes the rare and hard-to-find releases from the band's catalog. In all, five full length studio albums and one DVD are included in this beautifully packaged, must have release for Unruly Child Band fans.
"Reigning Frogs – The Box Set Collection” contents:
- “Waiting For The Sun”, which was originally released in 1998 and featured the line-up of singer Kelly Hansen (ex-Hurricane, now with Foreigner), Gowdy and Jay Schellen (with special guest Ricky Phillips of Styx on bass).
- “The Basement Demos”, which features all the demos that the band recorded in preparation for their first record for Interscope Records. The album also includes a bonus DVD with rare in-studio interviews and recording sessions from the same period.
- “UCIII”, an album which sees another Unruly Child incarnation featuring Gowdy with Guy Allison and Philip Bardowell taking on vocal duties. While slightly more proggy at times, “UCIII” still retains the overall vibe that fans loved about Unruly Child.
- “Worlds Collide”, which featured the full reunion of the original lineup of the band (Gowdy-Allison-Free-Antonino-Schellen). This release truly brought back the magic of the early demos and the first record.

TREAT : “The Road More or Less Traveled”

 Frontiers Music srl is very happy to announce the release of the first in a series of live albums and videos captured at the popular annual Frontiers Rock Festival. The first artist in the series is the legendary Swedish melodic rockers Treat, who will release their first ever live CD and first live DVD/BLU-RAY in over 10 years entitled “The Road More or Less Traveled – Live in Milano” on April 21, 2017.
On April 23, 2016, Treat played a hotly anticipated set at Frontiers Rock Festival III. Held close to Milano, Italy, this was the third annual edition of the festival and saw Treat playing hot on the heels of the release of their latest studio album, “Ghost Of Graceland”. The release date of this live album happens to be about one year after the initial performance took place and almost coincides with the 2017 edition of the Frontiers Rock Festival as well.

REVIEW : KIKAMORA -- In The Henhouse (EP, 2016)

Kikamora is hard rock band that hailed from U.K. and its sound can be described as alternative heavy rock with some bluesier feeling as well that makes the final result extremely interesting. They were formed back in 2015 and since then they released a 4-track EP, "Old Rosie", and toured around U.K. to promote their music.

WakeUpCall: If Beethoven Was a Punk

WakeUpCall: If Beethoven Was a Punk

What if Beethoven, Mozart, Hendel and the other great composers of the classical era had grown up with Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses and Nirvana posters on their bedroom walls?

If Beethoven Was a Punk is not just WakeUpCall's second album, is a real rock opera in which past mixes with present to create something new. It's a concept album about the love for the music, that can save your life in your darkest days.
The album is now available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and all the digital stores

The Darker my Horizon Release New Lyric Video

The Darker my Horizon are delighted to present you with the new lyric video for "Paradise". The song is taken from the acclaimed 15 track album 'Acquiesce' - which can be downloaded for free at &

On 1st April at Riffs Bar, Swindon UK there is a fundraiser for legendary metal vocalist Steve Grimmett - who is currently in an Ecuadorian hospital after having part of his leg amputated.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of Quiet Riot’s highly anticipated new studio album, “Road Rage” on April 21, 2017.

Famously known as the first heavy metal band to top the pop charts, the Los Angeles quartet became a global sensation thanks to their monstrous smash hit 1983 album, “Metal Health.” The band now continues their historic journey in 2017 with founding member and drummer Frankie Banali who, on this new release is joined by veteran bassist Chuck Wright (who has been in and out of QUIET RIOT since 1982) and guitarist Alex Grossi (who has been handling his duties since 2004,) together with new vocalist Seann Nicols.

REVIEW : Groupie High School - “...Ladies & Gentleman” (2017)

Groupie High School is a Glam/Hard Rock band from Finland and "...Ladies &Gentleman" is their newest EP. This new album presents 6 tracks that all sound like they jumped out from the Sunset Strip scene of the late 80's!!! The image, the sound, the attitude...everything here 'smells' L.A. from miles away.