Friday, July 1, 2016

Alchemy: second song online

Alchemy: second song online

Italian hard rockers Alchemy made available at this link ( the song “Alcohol Symphony”, the second extract from their debut album “Never Too Late”, released on May 31st under Street Symphonies Records. In a few weeks the band will enter the Atomic Stuff Studio to record a new single under the guide of Oscar Burato: more infos coming soon.



Multinational Melodic Metal band Eden's Curse will release their fifth studio album 'Cardinal' via German Metal label AFM Records on October 14th, 2016. 

Produced by Paul Logue and Thorsten Koehne, 'Cardinal' contains 12 songs with all of the usual Eden's Curse trademark melodies, hooks and riffs. 

Written mainly by the band's long established writing team of bassist and founding member Paul Logue, virtuoso guitarist Thorsten Koehne and former drummer Pete Newdeck (Tainted Nation), what is immediately apparent about 'Cardinal' is that it showcases some of the group's melodic yet heaviest and most progressive moments to date.

"We took two years to write this album, because ‘Symphony Of Sin’ was such a successful album for us. We like to do things properly in this band and explore every possible opportunity to make each moment of every song the very best that it can be. We are not the type of band to just churn out songs with next to no quality control - we scrutinize every riff, lick, hook, melody, lyric and ask - can we do it better? This has been a long, hard and collaborative process that has not only produced some of the best songs we have ever written but some of the best collective performances on any Eden's Curse album to date" enthuses bassist Paul Logue.

Easy Trigger: “One Way Out” video online

Easy Trigger: “One Way Out” video online

While the recordings of Easy Trigger's new album "Ways Of Perseverance" are going on at Hate Recording Studio, the first single and video "One Way Out" is online at this address: The video direction was handled by Cesare Ambrogi, photography by Daniel Coffaro and Gabriele Napolitano and production by Francesca Apeddu. The song was recorded by Andrea Moserle. "Ways Of Perseverance" will be released in September by Street Symphonies Records.


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Faithsedge (Feat Stryper,Ace Frehley,Dokken,Hardline members) release "Faith and Chris " music video

Faithsedge is back with ‘Restoration’, their third and most melodic release to date. Fronted by mastermind singer / songwriter Giancarlo Floridia, the band returns with a stellar line-up featuring Stryper bass player Tim Gaines, Ace Frehley / Mr .Big drummer Matt Starr and former Dokken guitarist Alex De Rosso. Both Keys and production have been handled by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline/ Revolution Saints).

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Evil Masquerade featuring Mats Levén : The new song 'Darkness (I Need You)' is now available as a lyric video.

Evil Masquerade just released their 7th studio album 'The Outcast Hall Of Fame'. One of the heavier tracks that features Mats Levén (Candlemass, ex. Therion) is now available as a lyric video.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Q5 - "A Prisoner Of Mind" (Official Audio)

Taken from the album NEW WORLD ORDER.

EVERGREY Release New Album 'The Storm Within' September 9

Summing up EVERGREY's new album ‘The Storm Within’ quick and to the point, the band is celebrating their 20th Anniversary with the strongest album of their career.
While this may come off as music industry lip-service in honour of the Swedish quintet, anyone who has followed Evergrey will find it impossible not to become completely enthralled by the music on ‘The Storm Within’ within the space of the first listen. The band's trademark progressive, dark and melancholic elements are as strong as ever, the album ranks as one of the most progressive record they've created in terms of performance, but Evergrey managed to put it in a package that is more accessible and direct compared to any of their nine previous outings. Frontman / founder Tom S. Englund credits Evergrey's learning-by-doing over the past two decades for the feel of ‘The Storm Within’, in particular their all-important ‘Hymns For The Broken’ record from 2014, which saw a revitalized Evergrey line-up return with a new energy.

MAVERICK sign with Metalapolis Records and will release "Big Red" on August 28th, 2016!

MAVERICK are five musicians from Belfast/Northern Ireland who have set out to forge a unique brand of melodic hard rock that incorporates their favorite elements of metal and old school rock with emphasis on big hooks, melody and great riffs. Since their inception in August 2012 they have always strived to entertain as a live act and stand out from the rest. 

The first album was the EP 'Talk's Cheap' which was self-released in 2013 and caught the attention of German label Massacre Records. They released their first full length album "Quid Pro Quo" in 2014. After the release they went out on the road together with Swedish superstars THE POODLES for a three-week tour in Europe, which brought them to six different countries. More support shows have been played for bands like Y&T, TIGERTAILZ or FASTER PUSSYCAT.

JOANovARC unveil brand new video White Trash

JOANovARC release the epic and empowering White Trash single through Red Vixen Records and unveil a brand new video

JOANovARC a four piece force of nature explain “White Trash is about “believing in yourself and not letting anyone treat you like you are worthless. Past personal experiences inspired us to write this song.”

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Amorettes, new album out today!!!!

The band states : "TODAY IS THE DAY!

Yes, our brand new album, White Hot Heat, is out today!

Produced by Luke Morley of Thunder, and engineered and mixed by Nick Brine (The Darkness, Springsteen, Ash, and many more), it's 10 tracks of rock n roll delight.

Available from the link below, and from all physical and digital outlets.

Make sure you share this with everyone, and tell all your friends.
Remember that you can request our new single, Let The Neighbours Call The Cops, on the radio. Co-written with Ricky Warwick of Black Star Riders
, we think it's great!"

Eden's Curse are delighted to announce the participation of Liv Kristine (ex- Leaves' Eyes, Theater Of Tragedy) on their forthcoming new studio album.

It seems their collaboration was 'meant to be', as bassist Paul Logue explains: "In a meeting with our label, AFM Records we discussed the possibility of them reaching out to Liv to enquire if she would be willing to guest on a track on our album. They agreed and it was left at that. Fast forward three days later and I'm attending a party for a friend, at a pub in Glasgow, and who walks in the door - Liv! Initially, I didn't "twig" that it was her, until her Tour Manager, whom I knew, walked in a few minutes later wearing a Leaves' Eyes shirt. We shared a quick hello and he told me that Leave's Eyes were playing in the venue next door and then the penny dropped. I shared the back story of my label discussions and he made the introduction. Liv and I had a wonderful chat and we agreed to hook up via email to see if she liked the song and take it from there - thankfully she did and the rest is history. It must have been fate!".

Sunday, June 26, 2016

REVIEW : NOELY RAYN / Escape From Yesterday (2016)

NOELY RAYN is a Greek Melodic Rock/Hard Rock band that was formed in 2014. Before becoming Noley Rayn, the band performed as a Thin Lizzy tribute band under the name 'Remember Lizzy'. They decided that the time has come to write their own songs and so "Escape From Yesterday", the debut, is a fact.