Monday, January 30, 2017

REVIEW : Lioncage -- The Second Strike (2017)

German melodic rock/AOR band of Lioncage was founded in 2013 by Thorsten Bertermann (vocals), Torsten Landsberger (drums) and Lars König (guitar & mix). All three musicians were performing in many bands/projects/tribute groups. So they decided to make a 'real' band with original songs and the result was Lioncage's debut release with the title "Done At Last".

The album gained some positive reviews from both music press and fans and it was a fine sample of 80's melodic rock/AOR stuff with a fresh and updated approach that makes this debut a must have for every fan of this scene.

Nowadays, Lioncage is back with album number two. "The Second Strike" is entitled the band's newest effort and once again these Germans offers another solid record that includes some killer tunes in it.

Some well-known and talented musicians helped the German three-piece to complete their new record. The bass guitar was handled by Lars Slowak, Sven Zimmermann, Andreas Laude-Schwedewsky and Dirk Meyer, keyboards by Mitch Knauer and Shanger Ohl, and backing vocals by Madeleine Lang, Anja Bublitz, Olaf Senkbeiland Billy King. Last but not least, one of the finest studio guitarists, Tim Pierce, (Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Rascal Flatts, Joe Cocker, Rick Springfield, Elton John etc.) took over some guitar parts on the track “Secrets”.

As in the debut, the same here, the new album features some excellent and well-written melodic rock tracks that will please the AOR-mafia out there. The up-tempo opener "Mysterious Angel", "The Other Side Of The Moon", the heavier "When Dragons Fall", the beautiful westcoast "Journeyman" and "Secrets" are some of the highlights here.

A fine piece of pure westcoast, melodic rock stuff that includes strong performances, great arrangements and a classic mid 80's vibe in it. If you are a fan of this scene, then look no further; the release date is scheduled on March 24th!!!

Rating : 8,4/10

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