Monday, November 7, 2016

REVIEW : Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker / Long Way To The Light (2016)

Robert Pehrsson is a very gifted guitarist/songwriter from Sweden that has worked with many bands such as Runemagick, Thunder Express, Death Breath, DundertĂ„get, Imperial State Electric, Slingblade and Dagger.

In 2013, Pehrsson released his self-titled debut record and nowadays he is releasing the brand new "Long Way To The Light". His debut won the title “album of the month” award in Germany's leading independent metal magazine Rock Hard.

My first impression of Pehrsson's work is that this guy must be a big fan of the legendary Thin Lizzy!!! Yep, from the first notes of the opening tune of "Send Her My Love" is clear that Pehrsson's music is strongly influenced by Thin Lizzy and that's a good thing. Next, in "Distant Bound" the Lizzy spirit is alive and kickin', the musician put his own 'pinches' as well and, at the end, he creates a superb slice of pure and classic hard rock gem. In "Traveling Through The Dark", we are dealing with a monster hard rock track!! It includes a simply killer riffing, a solid rhythm and harmonies to die for. His amazing guitar skills are the cherry on top in this excellent tune!!! "Pretender" features more groove and a more 70's rock vibe while the bluesier "Zero Emotion" steals the show here!!

For sure, this record is one of the biggest surprises so far!!! Solid and classic hard rock stuff at its best!! Robert Pehrsson put heart and soul in his bluesy/hard rock music and with the many Thin Lizzy 'pinches' creates this strong effort that will please every rock fan out there!!! 

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
01 Send Her My Love
02 Distant Bound
03 Traveling Through the Dark
04 Break Away from This Broken Heart
05 Pretender
06 Zero Emotion
07 The Hollow in a Rising Tone
08 The Somber Sleeps
09 No I Don't

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