Tuesday, November 8, 2016

REVIEW : BAD BONES / Demolition Derby (2016)

Bad Bones is an Italian hard rock band that has already released three albums and nowadays is going to unleash its brand new opus with the title "Demolition Derby". Back in 2007, Bad Bones recorded its debut album, "Small town Brawlers", that gained a positive feedback from the Italian music press and fans.

Since then, the band played in several gigs, supported some big names of the Heavy Rock scene and  released two more records.

So, "Demolition Derby" is entitled the band's newest work and with this new one Bad Bones is aiming higher and, of course, at a wider audience. I really didn't know what to except here as Bad Bones' music was completely unknown to me till' now. But after the first song, "Me Against Myself" I caught myself whistling the chorus and the melody for hours. Yes, "Me Against Myself" is just a brilliant and ass-kickin' hard rock stuff with a strong late 80's vibe in it. The vocals by Max Malmerenda are top notch, the guitars are crunchy and the chorus line is pure heaven!!!

"Endless Road" rocks while in "Some Kind Of Blues" is just killer and commercial hard rock at its best. It reminded me a bit of Trixter's earlier work especially in the hook. The modern "Stronger" is a very good tune and in "Rusty Broken Song" we have another highlight out of the new album. More groove and with a extraordinary guitar solo this song grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more.  "A Perfect Alibi" sounds very 80's with a party vibe in it and the straight-forward "The Race" is again a pretty solid hard rock tune.

Closing my review, I have to say that "Demolition Derby" is overall a solid record all the way. It rocks hard, it's catchy enough and includes all the necessary late 80's vibe in it. All the songs here can be characterized by the power, attitude and their 'ballsy' sound and that's a thing that I liked the most. And one last thing; the guitars are simply killer!!! Well done!!

Rating : 8,4/10

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