Sunday, November 6, 2016

REVIEW : ANDY ROCK / This Time (2016)

Wild Rose former and guitarist Andy Rock is going to release his second solo album with the title "This Time". His debut record, "Into The Night" in 2012, was a fine piece of pure melodic rock stuff and included some excellent guitar licks, strong performances and a bunch of some killer tunes.

Nowadays, this very talented musician is back with album number two and with the well-known singer David Saylor by his side is gonna offer us another solid sample of pure melodic rock/AOR stuff.

In "This Time", Andy Rock except of the guitars, he is also playing bass, synths and doin' some backing vocals as well. David Saylor is on lead vocals, Chris Siloma on backing vocals and Vaggelis Domanos on drums.

The opening tune of "What Does It Take" is the first great sample of the new record. A very Wild Rose-esque track that features a beautiful melody, a strong harmony and a memorable chorus line. "Give Me A Reason" is movin' to the same and safe late 80's AOR paths while in "Promises" we have another winner out of "This Time". A soulful melodic rock gem that will please every AOR freak out there.

The mid-tempo "Don't Say Goodbye" and the instrumental "Dreams" are two more very nice moments here while in "She's Dangerous" Andy Rock delivers another killer Westcoast-AOR gem. Check out also, the track that closes the new album, "Once In A Lifetime", which is 'punchier' and it's my personal favorite from "This Time".

This time Andy Rock takes his work into a higher level, imho, and delivers a solid record all the way. Everything here sounds better with plenty of melodies, solid arrangements and with stronger songs. For fans of the classic AOR/Melodic Rock/Westcoast sound, this album is a must have! 

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
1.What Does It Take, 2.Give Me A Reason, 3.You're Gone, 4.Promises, 5.Don't Say Goodbye, 6.Dreams, 7.She's Dangerous, 8.This Time, 9.Come With Me, 10.Once In A Lifetime, 11.Sleepless Night (Bonus Track Japan), 12.Promises (Acoustic - Bonus Track Japan)

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