Thursday, March 12, 2015

REVIEW : Magic Kingdom / Savage Requiem (2015)

Extraordinary guitarist Dushan Petrossi not only is the driving force behind IRON MASK, but he is, also, the mastermind of power symphonic speed metal band MAGIC KINGDOM. ‘Savage Requiem’  is entitled the band's newest effort and already the fourth official release in Magic Kingdom's career. In 1999, they released their debut ‘The Arrival’, and five years later, they came back with 'Metallic Tragedy’.

2010 saw the band releasing their third album, ‘Symphony Of War’, where they partly continued the concept story of ‘Metallic Tragedy’.

The new album marks the arrival of the new vocalist Christian Palin (ex-Adagio) who's performances are passionate and powerful. ‘I love Christian’s style of singing”, Petrossi says. “He always gives 100% and doesn’t hold back. I feel that the new songs needed someone like Christian to come alive. We are very glad that he is a part of Magic Kingdom now

The sound of Magic Kingdom is pure and traditional power metal and includes big melodies, some really breathtaking riffs and solos by this truly amazing guitarist, great arrangements and some neo-classical touches ala Yngwie Malmsteen for the extra flavor. And even though in Iron Mask, Petrossi follows a more hard rock-oriented style, MAGIC KINGDOM is more heavy and fast-paced, but not a single bit less enchanting and catchy. Take for example the tune of "Rivals Forever" and you'll get the picture of how Magic Kingdom sounds. Fast and furious with a killer guitar work and powerful vocal lines. A song that could easily appear in any of Malmsteen's earlier works!! "Guardian Angels" is more familiar with Iron Mask's sound while in "Ship Of Ghosts" we are dealing with a classic metal anthem; heavy and more aggressive and (again) with a simply stunning solo by Petrossi. One of the highlights here is the 'dark' "Dragon Princess".

Overall, this is a surprisingly good Melodic Power Metal album! The highlight here is the amazing guitar work of this guitar wizard Dushan Petrossi!! All of the songs here are well-written and well-performed and the musicianship is top notch. My opinion is that the great Yngwie Malmsteen should check this album out to take a few ideas about his future plans. 

Rating : 8,8/10

Track Listing :
"In Umbra Mea"
"Guardian Angels"
"Rivals Forever"
"Full Moon Sacrifice"
"Ship Of Ghosts"
"Savage Requiem"
"Four Demon Kings Of Shadowlands"
"With Fire And Sword"
"Dragon Princess"
"Battlefield Magic"

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