Sunday, March 18, 2012


This project began when Wallner/Vain had a chance meeting with Carmine Appice (Blue Murder / King Kobra) and Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath / Dio) at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Sunset Strip. The two legendary musicians agreed to collaborate on their debut album and the Rock N' Roll ride started! As Vivian Vain told me, in the interview that we did one year ago, "Two young musicians who got the chance to play with their idols. It’s been a dream come true but we have further plans beyond this first album".

The project has since involved several other musicians such as Jimmy Bain and Tony Franklin among others with Wallner and Vain performing all guitars and vocals respectively. Every single track here is well- written and Will Walner is the true guitar hero here when it comes to some solid soloing and riffing! This guy is so talented and his style reminds me a mix of Randy Rhoads & Jake E. Lee without loosing his own personality! Most of all, the duo performs some true 80's heavy rock stuff that will not dissapoint any fan of this gerne! No modern stuff, just pure hard rock music that is played with heart and soul! Some of the album's highlights are "Miles Away", which features Vinny Appice & Rudy Sarzo, the heavier "Indestructible" with Wallner's huge guitar work, "Soul Monster" and my personal favorite tune of "Streets Of Rage".

Bottom line is that Wallner-Vain's debut album is a really solid album with some strong moments in it. It has power, attitude, solid songwriting, great performances and some impressive guest list! I'm looking forward for the duo's future works!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8/10

Track List : 01 - The Dream, 02 - Dreamstealer, 03 - Streets of Rage, 04 - Fourteen Twenty Eight, 05 - All That I Want, 06 - Miles Ahead, 07 - Soul Monster, 08 - Rising, 09 - Indestructible

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