Saturday, September 15, 2018


This web-zine and I, personally, love White Widdow. I think that since their creation, these Australians always released high-quality and energetic albums that stood through the test of time. The debut, back in 2010, was and still remains an all time classic platter that gained some excellent reviews from both fans and music press.

That album was at Heavy Paradise's No.1 position and it was also included into Classic Rock Magazine's top 10 AOR albums for 2010. The band's second step was entitled "Serenade", in 2011 (another No.1 in Heavy Paradise's Top list), and it was yet another killer album. To promote "Serenade", White Widdow  hit the road by playing in festivals and headlining club shows throughout Europe in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Greece and England. Along the way, they were performing at HEAT Festival (Germany) and Firefest (UK) and were playing alongside artists such as Jimi Jamison (Survivor), Steve Auguri (Journey), Unruly Child, Stage Dolls, Keel, Shakra, Strangeways, Silent Rage, Alien, Mitch Malloy, Coney Hatch, Jeff Paris, Kane Roberts and many more.

In 2014, the band released its third full-length opus with the title "Crossfire". This record was a bit edgier than the band's previous recordings but it was again another masterpiece (No.1 at Heavy Paradise's Top Lists). 2016 saw White Widdow releasing their fourth album "Silhouette" (No.7 at Heavy Paradise's Top 30 Albums), a very slick AOR affair that gained, once again, positive feedback from both fans and media. 

This time White Widdow strikes back with album number five and it is entitled "Victory". The new opus continues with the same music style as previously and that means strong pomp elements, sing-a-long choruses, beautiful melodies, a crunchy guitar work (thanks to the amazing Enzo Almanzi), solid performances and a mid 80's AOR vibe that make "Victory" a must have for each and every single fan of this scene. 

The opener tune of "Victory" is simply breathtaking; edgy AOR with a chorus line to die for, the self- title track sounds perfect!! Songs like "Fight For Love", "Love And Hate", "America" and "Run And Hide" are all excellent samples of a band that knows exactly how to deliver smooth, well-played and classic AOR stuff with quality and passion!! One of my personal favorites from the new effort, it is the amazing "Danced In The Moonlight". This track brings back the glory sound of bands such as Giuffria and White Sister with style and it's one of those tunes that you will love at once. The guitar work by Almanzi is just great and so soulful.  

White Widdow's newest opus "Victory" is a hymn to the glory days of the melodic rock/AOR days. It's an album that includes only good songs in it and there's no filler in sight. In my humble opinion, White Widdow is among the elite of the nowadays AOR acts and there is only one thing you can expect from these guys; quality!!!! ......this is their Victory.......

Rating : 10/10

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