Monday, December 1, 2014

DIRTY PASSION / Dirty Passion (2015)

Dirty Passion is one of these bands that even though they have everything to become the next big thing from Sweden, at the end they don't have the recognition they deserve. With already two very good efforts (Different Tomorrow in 2010 & In Wonderland in 2012) this Swedish sleaze heavy rock band it's ready to strike back and make some noise, finally, in this particular and very 'difficult' scene.

This time Dirty Passion take things from were "In Wonderland" left and take them to the next level! The new opus, "Dirty Passion", has more attitude, it's powerful and in-your-face, it's raw and the punk/sleaze influences here are more obvious than in the two previous records.

"Hallelujah" is exactly what I expected from these guys; a killer sleaze hard rocker with lots of attitude, a cool riff and a huge chorus line. "Bad Karma" and "Bitch" are both superb samples of pure late 80's sleaze hard rock (with plenty punk 'touches') stuff that should be heard at maximum volume!! "Zip Of Fire" is yet another highlight; a more straight-forward melodic rocker that includes a great solo and a catchy hook and chorus. Check out, also, the brilliant and more 'modern' rock tune of "42 Nights" with its excellent melody.

There's nothing more to add here except one thing; Dirty Passion delivers their best album to date!!! Highly recommended stuff!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,3 /10

Track Listing : Hallelujah, Bad Karma, Bitch, Los Angeloser, Get Back, Zip Of Fire, Die Free, 42 Nights, The Mess, The Ballad Of The Skank, Shame

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