Thursday, September 13, 2018

REVIEW : MIDNITE CITY --- There Goes The Neighbourhood ( AOR Heaven, 2018)

MIDNITE CITY is a band that gave us last year an explosive debut record. Nowadays, Midnite City are ready for bigger things with their brand new opus which is entitled "There Goes The Neighbourhood" that is gonna be released this October through AOR Heaven Records.

With their debut, the boys offer an impressive slice of pure melodic hard rock/hair metal stuff that makes some noise around the fans of this kinda of music. With their new album Midnite City, they are delivering an album, that in my humble opinion, is gonna be a future classic, no doubt 'bout that!!!  

Like with the first album, the winning formula has remained; all songs were written by Rob Wylde, whilst Pete Newdeck has once again has taken control of production, engineering and mixing duties.

Song after song, chorus after chorus and hook after hook, "There Goes The Neighbourhood" sounds the perfect answer to those who desperately wanted something to sound like early Danger Danger, Firehouse, Def Leppard and Trixter. Yes, this album has nothin' to be envy about from the hair metal golden dayz. 

The first couple of tracks, "Here Comes The Weekend" n' "Give Me Love", are pure late 80's melodic hard rock/hair metal anthems that will put a wide smile upon the face of every crazy rocker out there. The hooks and choruses are brilliant and the late 80's feeling is filing every single moment here. In "You Don't Understand Me", we are dealing with a killer song. More Def Leppard-esque this time with a huge chorus line to sing-a-long for weeks. Some strong influenced Danger Danger tracks like "Life Ain't Like This On The Radio" and "We're Gonna Make It" are the cherry on top while in "Tonight You Are All I Need" we have a superb power ballad that sounds like it jumped out from the 80's. The emotional ballad of "Heaven's Falling" reminded me a bit of Poison's early works and the only thing that I have to add here is that, if this track was  released back in the 80's, it would have been a major MTV hit!!! "Until The End" that closes the album is another highlight out of the new opus. Anthemic as it gets with a chorus line to die for, this one is pure candy in my ears. 

This is an ultra catchy, ultra anthemic, ultra melodic and with tons of attitude gem of an album!! It is one of those records that will bring you to your knees and will make you scream for more, no doubt 'bout that!!! It seems like Rob Wylde and his gang found the magic formula to create strong and amazing hair metal stuff in a classic way!!! So, if you're a fan of bands such as Danger Danger, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Poison and Trixter, then MIDNITE CITY's newest effort "There Goes The Neighbourhood" will make your day!!!

Rating : 10/10

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